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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prairie Restoration Area


Near Patty’s home in Missouri City there is an area of man made lakes, four small ones to be exact, where they all go fishing during the summer months. She took me by last week when I was searching for WATER and I found something much better. The area around these small lakes has been designated as a prairie restoration area. Instead of planting domesticated vegetation the land is being allowed to return to its natural state. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy formal gardens as much as I know you all do, I see the photos of irises and Roses and find them extraordinarily beautiful but this small area of prairie land with its array of wild flowers was moving to the max. Here are just a few of the Texas wild flowers – the prairie as the first settlers must have seen it before a more advanced society too over. Enjoy.

DSC_4341 DSC_4349 DSC_4301 DSC_4324 DSC_4328 DSC_4353 DSC_4355

In case you didn’t notice yesterday I inserted in the left sidebar a map of this area for your reference.

Double click the photos to see them just a bit larger.

DSC_4322 DSC_4323 DSC_4327 DSC_4296 DSC_4358


  1. I love those native flowers!! There are a couple of places in Georgia that are renovating back to the natural states with indigenus flowers. I think it's a fantastic idea and love to see the progression happening. I know what you mean, I too love formal gardens but I have grown to love that natural look as well. I planted a large bed in the front of my house with wildflowers and it's so beautiful. Kind of that wild English Garden look.
    That is a fantastic shot of the bee GingerV.
    Hope you have a great weekend with your family my friend.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. That must have been so beautiful to see that in the wild!
    I often think about what the first settlers saw and felt traveling through the US. Amazing!

  3. I love the idea of a natural Restoration Area, Ginger. The wild flowers are usually so tiny and there appearance so fleeting, that their beauty is just that more precious.

    Of course they often make up in numbers what they lack in size.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very Very beautiful natural beauty!

  5. How you thrill me with your photos! I love it...prairie is right up my Texas lovin alley! I hate to admit it but I am looking forward to seeing a few tumble weeds when I go home...home on the range, where the buffalo roam, where the cowboys call home, la la la, not sure if those are the correct words, but it sends the message!

  6. Hi Ginger! Your blog is AMAZING! So many beautiful and inspiring things! I love the pics and I love the restoration project! I am a bit of a tree hugger, so that appeals to me!

    Thank you for visiting my site and leaving some comments - I appreciate that a lot!

  7. hi GingerV, LOVE the idea of allowing the area to return to its natural state. That is somethng the german government prides itself on, keeping the country as natural looking as possible. In fact, when we built our house, we had to take down some trees, and for that we had to plant some else where on our property! It keeps things balanced!! Lovely pictures, especially the last one with the little bee! You may not have found water, but you sure did hit the jackpot there with the flowers and the pictures you were able to snap!! Lovely, lovely post. Enjoy your time with your daughter!!

    p.s. thanks for the tip off that my pst archive said only 98, I had 2 drafts that were long forgotten, so I quickly added them in, making the actual count come up the much wanted 100th!! My dashboard had said 100, so I believed it. THANKS so much for checking that out for me in-depth!! I owe you!!! Debby

  8. debby that is one of my most irritating traits among many - bet you'd ever guess I did Auditing for a living.... lol.

    I had a friend that I was staying with once tell me that I could come watch TV with her but I couldn't say anything about errors in the script or filming...she didn't need to know...
    I loved your list - I should do the same thing just for my own information. how well do I really know myself.

  9. What lovely photographs and wonderful to let the land go back to its natural state. I hope you will have a great week.

  10. An author named Sharon Butala was responsible for helping to establish a conservency in south Saskatchewan, Canada. Books: The Perfection of the Morning and Wild Stone Heart. She wanted to preserve the natural prairie grasses in a place where wheat crops have never been planted. She also wanted to preserve the buried sacred places of our First Peoples. The conservency is set up to run from Saskatchewan to Montana and they will re-establish buffalo herds from original buffalo species to roam the conservency prairie once again. Sharon's most pressing argument for doing this was the natural beauty of the prairie flowers. Now I get to see why she was so enraptured! Thank you for posting these pictures, GingerV!

  11. Some beautiful native plants there. I always prefer the 'wild', to the 'tamed'.
    I think Nature does a much better job.