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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Shoot-out - Extra

I almost didn’t do the Bogotá entry – just wasn’t sure I could come up with interesting photos (still not sure I did) and I was thinking of showing you the most beautiful underground subway station I have seen. Still seems the thing to do so here is…. The Madrid Underground

DSC_3864 When traveling Camillo and I often visit the local subway. We figure out how the buy the tickets then ride out – going further than we would be able to on foot and at a much better price than a taxi.

DSC_3887 The station of entry in central Madrid was nothing special - but we just wanted to see a different section of the city.

DSC_3888 DSC_3894

When we finally decide to go to the surface, we get off the train and go up to see what we can see. This time we saw the most beautiful station ever – the blue lights depicts the Iguaçu falls in Brazil. There were three levels underground trains (lines that crisscross) plus a train station on the surface with inter city trains.

DSC_3897 DSC_3901


Madrid is a beautiful city, but the Chamartin subway station is a destination in itself. You could go anywhere in the city by subway, maybe having to change lines several times (Paris is the same way) but if your feet hold out – take the subway somewhere – any direction, then walk back on the surface – The rewards is worth your effort.

[don’t try this in Rio de Janeiro]


  1. Wow that is very beautiful! I would find a trip like that exciting!

  2. Goodness, you're right - what a beautiful station! Your shots of it are great.

  3. A fascinating place.

  4. That's so funny, "don’t try this in Rio de Janeiro" Thank you for the helpful hints. I loved the pictures. You have just always have to post something. You brighten my day.

  5. Wow- The subway station is beautiful! If I had this means of transportation, I would use it in a second! Loved all the pics!

  6. Ginger you are opening up a whole new part of the world for me ...bravo!

  7. That is once nice subway. Looks like a work of art; and so clean.

  8. I really like these shots--very cool.

  9. Those blue walls are awesome - such beauty in a train station!

  10. What a beautiful and vividly colored train station. You captured th colors and the life inside it brillaintly my dear.
    You're picture's are always so nice that I wonder if you've ever considered selling or donating some of them to Brazil to be used? I'm so serious GingerV. You definately have talent for just the right snap. For instance, I love that bright colored sun umbrella in one of your snaps. I love the way you offset it in the picture and I noticed it right away!!
    I hope hut-bunns feels much better soon.
    Hey, on a different subject.......e-mail me your Skye number and let me know when you get home. Prince got it all set up so, as he said, you can call you gal-pal GingerV!!
    I'm still looking at Edgar.......girl, I'd never get any working out done, lol.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. Thanks for sharing the subway with us! I'm dying to see Madrid, it is a definite destination for me...I will need to experience the subway there, I have found that in most of my travels in big cities, the subway is the best way to get around...better than being caught in traffic or scared out of your mind by a taxi driver (I'm thinking New York!)