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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Panama day two

Yesterday we started the day with a visit to the most famous place in Panama - the Canal. The visitor's center has a lookout above the locks, a film telling the story of the construction of the canal and a brief history of the country, and a museum showing some of the engineering equipment used to complete the locks, displays of insects that have been found in the area and a ship simulator making you feel you are on the bridge as the ship moves through the locks.There is a computer where you type in your sir name and see if any men with your name worked on the canal. GALE - my maiden name showed up 8 times. I found it all interesting and enjoyableDSC_3150DSC_3156.
. DSC_3186DSC_3187DSC_3188
(sorry if this page is a little confusing I can't get the photos to load on this borrowed computer)  


  1. Wow these are such cool pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really wonderful journey you are on. I get up waiting to see where you are today. I think you are a kind of one-person National Geographic. But more interesting, frankly.

  3. Well, there it is! Now i can say i have seen the Panama Canal. Thanks Ginger, very cool!xx♥

  4. good morning you'all - Panama has been a surprise to me. A place that I would not have ever put on my 'want to visit' list if our friends had not transfered here. The pride - national and personal - that these people show is incredible. more pics in a bit.

  5. I have never been, but now I feel like I have. It is so much fun having a traveling blogger in our little "gang."

    Sounds like you have a having a great time. Me, too! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am so loving traveling along with you on your journey thru the fantastic world of blogging! How did I ever live without if for so many years, I will never know, because there is just no longer thinking of my days without it!! Fantastic pictures of a place I have heard much about but mostly likely will never see. Wow!! Debby

  7. These are amazingingly special photographs GingerV..........what precision you've shown in these!!!
    WOW.........those are amazing close-ups!
    I love them all but that moth is crazy awesome :)
    Tell hot bunns we say hello from Georgia.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl