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Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Shoot-out: my town’s gardens

I promised myself that this week’s shoot-out would be brief – I would not max 10 photos and they would all be ones I have taken this week – no digging in the archives. I am now being put to the test.

For a subtropical city, Rio de Janeiro does not show itself draped in flowers. Ipanema, the barrio in which my apartment sits, has streets lined in trees. Ipanema does not have but a handful of private homes, so the streets are of 4 and 5 story apartment buildings. For maybe 2 months July and August the temperatures are moderate. From November through April it is HOT and humid. These three characteristics lead to a lush, rich, shaded environment, and not many flowers can thrive in this shade and humidity.


DSC00929 The streets are lined with shade trees, not letting in much light.

DSC00218 DSC07348

DSC06231 The trees depending on the time of year add color and fill the air with the smells of blooms. In Rio the orchids are put up in the trees by the porteiros – bromeliads grow in the very tops of the trees.

DSC01330 DSC06928
DSC07052 (2) DSC00005DSC06238

My part of town has several parks and many green belts, and kiosks that sell fresh cut/ and potted flowers. DSC08104

These do not end up out where they can be seen but a put in the apartments for color or are given as gifts when you visit friends. DSC00911

Even though for sell – they add much needed color to the streets.

DSC_1279 If lucky you can see a bird of paradise in full bloom. DSC08109 (I tried – only 7 more photos than I promised!)

The majority of apartment buildings have a fence the protects the entrance – some have nice gardens behind the fence. You can only catch a glimpse. DSC08060DSC08058


  1. Hi Ginger! Reggie told me to sign up here. :D

    Your shots are great!

    Best Wishes, Natalie.xx♥

  2. Very interesting Ginger ...and the tree lined streets are lovely.

  3. You certainly have the most outer-spacey beautiful strange flowers in the world! How does nature come up with this stuff! Ipanema, huh? The girl from Ipanema...a theme song for my day.

  4. WOW!!!!!!! How beautiful!!!!!!
    Those orchids......that bird of paradise (one of my all time favorites) and those bleeding hearts! That little flower stand is amazing and is somewhere that I could wander into to buy fresh cut flower's.
    I knew that you wouldn't disappoint on this subject my friend, as you have a passion for flowers like I do.
    Great shoot-out GingerV.
    Smashing as a matter of fact :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. The colours are so vibrant! So what's a few more photos than promised?!

  6. There are some really pretty flowers there. Thanks for sharing with us! I love bird of paradise!

  7. It's so interesting to see the vegetation of your area. I love bromiliads and have bought a few because I don't have much of a green thumb and heard that they don't need much care. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh, the colors, the light. Your photos look so HAPPY. If I ever get the chance to visit Brazil, I will not hesitate. I'll pack extra sunscreen and 50 memory cards for my camera. LOL

    Really nice work. I love how you organized them too...

  9. These photos just "POP" with color and design. I love them all.

  10. Hey! You got one of the same flowers as me! (but I suspect it survives outside where you live...)

  11. Orchids in trees!!!LUCKY!
    I love the tropical look of everything. I was lucky enough to grow up in Southern California with Birds of Paradise growing like weeds!

    I want to visit Brazil someday and dance the night away....(sigh)

    BTW, you did very good keeping your resolve! I think there were a perfect amount of photos!

  12. I would LOVE to take a stroll down that street lined with trees!!!
    Gorgeous flowers!
    Please add me to your Shoot out, and come on over to AZ to check out the stickerier side of life!

  13. beautiful and interesting photos. like the way you have displayed them also. thanks for the visit to Rio!

  14. I always save you for last, because I know it will be one of the best. You never disappoint. Very nice, Ginger.

  15. A great insight into Brasil and where you live. So different. Fascinating. Like the way you organized your photos, too.

    And agree with all of the above.

  16. Really great photos. Also, you offered to send me a photo relating to one of my posts but I do not know how to send email from blog to blog. I would like to know because I would love to see the photo!

  17. Don't make those kinds of promises to yourself anymore! We love your gorgeous pictures. My fav is bird of paradise, just beautiful!

  18. I love that there are orchids and bromelaids in all the trees! The bird of paradise is quite beautiful as well!

  19. I loved the flower stand! You shoot great pictures! It's getting hard to keep up with everyone- there are so many now! I certainly enjoy seeing your photos each week!