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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Houston, a poem

I am not a writer of poetry but while taking a class at U of H, working towards my bachelors the assignment was to write a poem using ‘Chicago by Carl Sandburg’ as a model. I think I did a decent job of it. Today I was out and about in my old neighborhood and the poem came to mind. See what you think.


By Virginia van Staveren

English Lit. 1989


Houston a doorway to the nation,

pathways from the South,

roads to the North.

Rodeos, games of Oiler's,

drillers of oil.

Rainy, sultry, steamy,

weather of winds.

Walkways and bikeways,

carpets of grass,

brightened with azaleas, hawthorn, and myrtle.

City streets with street people,

bridges for homes,

living on the steps

under the steps in the heart of culture and art.

Tall buildings, glistening, revolving doors.

Jails too.

No penalty for theft, vandalism, for rape.

Senseless violence - a bullet through the wall,

An innocent child is dead.

A heart, food, a pair of shoes is given

No thanks asked, none given.

High energy blows in the wind,

singing, dancing, exchanging culture.

polyglot of Texas,

Waltzing, salsa, polka, too.

Hope for the young,

changing, building, shifting,


Violins, harpsichords,


short, warm, popping yuppie sounds.

Shiny cars,

Reaching for the stars.



  1. I would say you did an awesome job. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  2. That is just beautiful GingerV!!!! I think this is such a beautiful expression that you've written about Houston......
    You have talent in your poetry as well as your photography my friend.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. I'm impressed! You have captured a city; the good, the bad, and the reality.
    Great job!

  4. You did an AMAZING job! Now I want to see the city - the good, the bad and the ugly that you describe. Very good!

  5. I love poetry that stops my thoughts and makes me focus on the author's words. It is an added bonus when a line or two burns itself into my memory.

    Your poem did both.

    I love it!

    You asked about the turtle photo, I used the macro setting on my camera. (The flower icon) I was shooting with a very small, easy to hold with one hand, digital camera. I can't do that with my SLR or my DSLR, they require both hands to make photos. :)

  6. Great site... I will be visiting you soon.. Love your new daughter..