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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a mess


Last Friday I started to have problems with my computer - a thin line appeared in the middle of the screen. I took it to be looked at - no repair available - the less than three year old laptop screen has to be replaced - 700.00 dollars. so I started looking for a new computer - also $700.00 for an HP with AMD processor

Sunday morning the screen now had a 4" swipe down the middle.... I bought the new and started to download - I am still not set up 3 days later. What a mess. Tomorrow Marissa and I start out on a Drive to Virginia - then to Michigan and back to Texas..... sorry no Friday shoot out for me.

I will try to read as many as possible though.


  1. Virginia? Where? You are almost in Maryland. You should come and visit, girl!

    Bummer on the computer. I have been dealing with Dell for a few weeks, and yesterday my main computer with all my photos, crashed. The tech in coming out today for the 4th time with more parts.

    Come on over. I'll leave the lights on for you.

  2. That's too bad Ginger, i'll have to go and take a look at your previous posts. Hope it gets fixed soon. :D

  3. patty how sweet for the invite. i would do it I didn't already have 3000 miles to travel. My sister lives in Winchester about 25 mile south west of DC... Marissa and I will drive there, pick up my 87 mother and drive her to Adrian MI, then back to Houston. we have to be back here before the 29th - marissa is going to a dance camp - then to RIO we go after the 4th.
    will be a long haul for us. maybe next time.... my doors are always open for travelers to Brasil.
    all my photos copied over to the new computer without their folders.... cripe what a mess will take me several weeks to get back in the groove.

  4. Ain't blogging great! Where else could we run into a picture problem and post pictures of it.

  5. Mark, can you believe? I downloaded photos for Friday on the new computer and still can't find them - I have to practically learn all new programs - will slow me donw some I am sure. Plus traveling - but upside I have a beauty of anew computer!

  6. Oh man...this is exactly why I hate technology! It really doesn't simplify our lives, regardless of what they tell us!

    Have a safe and fun trip. Looking forward to seeing your pictures the following week!

  7. Bad news with the computer.
    Hope you get the new one sorted soon. Must be a nightmare. :(

  8. Safe and fun trip, Ginger.
    Thinking of you.....Blasted computer!!xx♥

  9. $700 to fix a computer???? Our brand new laptop cost just over $800 and that included almost everything!!

    Good luck. You are getting closer and closer to my neck of the woods:)

  10. Virginia??? Come see me!
    Sorry about the computer. I have been having some problems too =(