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Monday, June 22, 2009

Memorable moments -

I am up in the middle of the night when I am supposed to be resting for our final day driving.  What to do but to blog with all the lights off as to not disturb Marissa. In the morning, we will drive from Jackson Mississippi to Houston.  It should take about 7 hours but we will be HOME again.  This trip has been very good for me, I have spent 15 days with my granddaughter and her cell phone.  I saw my mother for 6 days – three of them for 24 hours each.  The drive was a little too much for me, even for a person who really enjoys driving, 10 days behind the wheel is too much. But in Brazil I don’t get to drive often and I enjoyed renewing my skills and confidence by driving over 3000 miles. ;)   There have been many high spots here are a ‘few’ photos of those memorable moments.



(spending time with Marissa) (driving across vast farmland) (seeing Mom and Marissa enjoy each other) DSC_4876DSC_5017DSC_5265









(meeting Reggie Girl for real) (meeting a great niece and nephew face to face)  







(having lunch with family ) (seeing the town of Newton Falls OH and taking photos of old homes in Adrian MI.)



(taking trips down Memory lane) (finding out the Marissa likes reading books too )  (finding a RED day lily) DSC00139










Seeing miles and miles of wild flowers - taking photos of a few....)


  1. Good Morning, sorry you couldn't sleep. Love your memorable moments. I hope to get to meet Reggie in the fall. We have a family reunion up very close to Newnan in Oct.
    Safe travels home.

  2. Ginger these are lovely. And lucky you, meeting Ms Reggie Girl in person!

  3. Sounds like you all had a really great trip. And have lots of good photos to remember it by.

  4. Talk about making memories! Marissa will be talking about this trip with you when she's 60, I guarantee it.

    Isn't this country beautiful?

  5. A memorable trip indeed, with so many highs.
    3000 miles though, wow.

  6. This sounds like a really great trip! I don't enjoy driving as much as being a passenger so I'm really impressed with the amount of driving you did!!

  7. It all sounds magnificent! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

  8. That would be way to much driving for me but so very worth every minute. I would take a train. You are very brave to drive all that way. I bet you and Marissa will remember your trip forever! Lillies bloom here on Canada Day. I have yellow and orange ones. It would be great to have red ones. I've never seen red ones before. These are wonderful memories!