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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Shoot-out: Paint the town RED

It is amazing what we don’t see that is there everyday.  I thought whatever will I find RED in Houston?  I am in trouble this week.  When I really started to looking I found red at every turn.  I found -

DSC_4192DSC_4202 Red that warns us

Red that instructs us and

Red that guides our way


DSC_4241DSC_4240  and Red that helps us every day.DSC_4218                                                                                                     


I found red that tells where to save and where to spend


DSC_4247 and what is best to eatDSC_4224DSC_4226








there are places of worship and old buildings with new red roofs…

and red cars and red trucks making fun for you and me





red that is ready to protect us

and red that is hard at work.




And finally there is red that shows our love, and red that gives us a ‘welcome home’.




  1. GingerV: Looks like you did not miss a thing red in Dallas. It is amazing what one sees when one is looking. How many people pass those things every day and never even see them.

    Thanks for showing us Dallas through red colored glasses. It is so much fun traveling with you. I think I missed I few posts. With so many people now, it is hard to keep up.

    Next weeks assignment comes from Hensly. It is "Water."

  2. PS: And leave it to you to close with beautiful flowers.

  3. HI! Fantastic job on the Paint the Town Red theme this week, your pictures are great and your text is even greater - wow it rhymes!! I love it!!! I had a bit more trouble finding some intersting red things in Germany, but I managed considering that the german folk are more conservative and keep to the natural tones in life. I had fun looking tho. Have a good day, Debby

  4. I love your post today. You really found a lot to share and the photos are great. Have a nice weekend.

  5. I thought of stop signs too, but the red brake lights were a brilliant idea.

    Loved your photos as usual GingerV!

  6. I was also amazed at how much red was used in advertising.
    I love the roses, just lovely Ginger,Thanks.
    Enjoy your weekend.xx♥

  7. Your photos are, as usual, excellent and I liked the way you gave red a personality and told us what it does...much more than just what it looks like. You tie it all together.

  8. Ginger, your colors are so vivid and your photos so sharp and well done. I almost posted a stop sign pic that had "4 way" attached to it. Here, I've never seen on that says all way. That would leave no doubt.
    Thanks for the great tour.

  9. Great photos. Your angles were perfect to come up the nice shots!

  10. Isn't Houston just beautiful and you found all the bright spots of course my friend!!
    I loved your nice narratives this week as well GingerV. Very nice touch. Tell you daughter Prince and I say hello from Georgia :)
    Have a holiday and weekend filled with love, joy and laughter please and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. You came up with some great pictures!

  12. Lots of red in your town. Looks like we all have a stop sign! I love the wreath on the door.

  13. Great pictures, you really have an eye for the red in town.

  14. Dallas, girl did you know that I was born and raised there, and coming back in three weeks, for a three week visit...maybe we should do a Dallas blog lunch?

    Love the red! Patty is right you did not miss a thing...I was wearing red glasses all week, so I missed a few here and there...

  15. Houston - Houston
    if your from Dallas you know we don't want to mix up those two names..... thanks for the comments

  16. Neat pictures. Red is in the eye of the beholder. Bravo for finding it.

  17. Looking at the payphone made realize that, as cell phone use increases, payphones are disappearing from our cityscapes. Great variety of shots.

  18. Oh I like the red shopping carts :-) and the pay phone booth, thanks for sharing. Nice shots....you really found a lot of red.

  19. Thank you for introducing Houston int o my life!

  20. I liked the line of cars, and the wreath on the door - cool shots this week!

  21. YOur beautiful red rose is my favorite.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip and visit here in the states.

  22. GingerV-Your post is brilliantly done!

    love your photos paired with prose...