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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being American in America

scan%2520Marrissa%2520birth%2520%25288%2529 I have been enjoying my first week in Houston. I took a couple days to rest and then hit the floor running. I slip back into the routine at Patty's just like I have been here all along. I didn't go to the gym this week and I miss it - I am now 3 weeks without spinning class and my (old) abs already look slack. But this week, I promise, I will go get a one month's membership and get back in the groove.
(Marissa, age 5 days - photo not apropos to this entry, just that Sarah Lulu has been bragging about the coming of her new grandbaby and it made me think of these old photos - she was the most beautiful baby ever!)
Patty actually lives in Missouri City, just outside the Houston city limits and to the southwest. To avoid renting a car I take her to work in the morning then use her car until 4:30 when I have to pick her up. This somewhat limits my day but when here I need some limitations. I spent most of last week getting my eyes examined, a mammogram, seeing an orthopedists for my creaky knees, etc, etc and scouting out prices and options on electronics such as a new digital camera. There are doctors in Brasil but I prefer when possible to go to them here just so I can be sure of what they are saying and the focus on electronics because it is impossible to buy them in Brasil. The technology is at least a year behind and the prices 3 times as high.
I bought right off a new external drive for my photos. I have carried the one I had around for two years and it had a sound of a piece of plastic rattling around inside and was 95% full. The old one is 250 gb and I paid $160.00, my new one is a terabyte and was $137.00. A terabyte is 1000gb. Now I am trying to decide on a new small pocket camera and/or a zoom lens for my Nikon d40. The pocket camera is a must (having one not the new one). In Rio I don't carry my big camera around on the street. It would get me mugged or worse, I carry a little Sony Cybershot and have been very pleased with the photos it produces. The knobs and buttons are wearing down and beside I just like new cameras.... my old one is 8.1 mp with 3x zoom and there is a newer version that is 12.1 mp with 4x zoom. Probably in the whole scope of things there is not much difference - anyone have any opinions?


  1. Are you speaking Brazilian, GingerV? Just kidding. I know nothing about cameras, except that I am really enjoying taking photos.
    Hope all your doctor's appointments have been positive!

  2. That's a lovely photo Ginger and I admit I'm bragging about a baby not yet born hahaha...

    She's going to the Doctor in about an hour ...more will be revealed.

    Have a great holiday.

  3. Hope you have had good appointments and doctors visits.
    I know nothing about camera's but hope you find a good deal.

  4. Beautiful baby for sure! I know nothing at all about cameras. Soz.

  5. Hi, I can really relate to the fact that you love being back in the states and how you try to squeeze in all those dr. appointments. I have to admit that Germany has some top-notch drs. so I am never worried about that, but I do worry over the fact that I might not be understanding all that is said to me. :-) So to be sure, I drag hubby along as often as I can, and he gives me the details in the car later on. So far so good, I have not missed out on any important info. As for the creaky knees, I can definitely relate to you on that. You are talking to the knee-problem queen right here!! been thru more surgeries on them then I care to think of, and after 12 weeks of barely getting around just this winter I am finally back in the saddle. Feels good to walk around without crutches finally. Anyway, ENJOY your time in the states, it is always fantastic to be an american in America again, no matter how short the time. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to you, debby

  6. Good thing getting all those routine but important tests done. Made me think that I need to go and get a mammogram. Let us know how your new hard drive works.

  7. That is one gorgeous baby GingerV.....why she's a beauty. I see troubles ahead for Mom and Dad. The boys will be beating down the doors, lol.
    Do you think you will find an American Edgar? Never hurts to look for one :)
    Hope you're having a grand time with your daughter and grand-daughter my friend.
    (Ewwww.....buh, the doctor??)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl