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Thursday, April 09, 2009

today's moment of Joy

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Photos from home
1) new smile after braces and 2) new braces (not real happy with the idea)
It is good I will be in the states in June - because I am starting to be homesick - every 6-8 months like clockwork I start missing home, grandchildren and hot dogs.......


  1. Oh, I remember the days. Things have sure changed since I had braces.

    Wish you could hop a plane to Crisfield. Bring the whole family!

  2. I especially love the girl's smile (is that your daughter) in the first photo!

    June is weeks away!

  3. grandaughter, Marrisa age 13, and grandson Carl looking at 19 next week.

  4. Gorgeous shots lady......
    WHAT????? I don't think the subject you picked is boring at all. I loved doing it. I may not have a lot of street sign stuff posted but I have plenty of pcis to post around my lovely downtown area. I can't wait to see your's.
    Ahhhhh....Brasil, sigh. Did you know that Rio is one of the only places left on my travel wish list? That and Africa are totally at the top of dream destinations.
    Now..........for a little R&R time. When does that come in??
    See you tomorrow (and I still want a REAL picture of Adonis working out....and his little pal as well).

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. quit dreaming and do.... come back with me in July - I return Continental on the 7th - bringing my beautiful granddaughter with me...