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Sunday, April 05, 2009

a quiet Sunday in Nova Friburgo

DSC_2709Today after our usual Sunday late breakfast of eggs, potatoes, fresh bread, papaya and coffee, we drove into Friburgo for the ‘first Sunday of the month’ meeting of the ‘old car’ owner’s club….. I sure it has a more glamorous name but I don’t know it. Anyway a group of men (women I didn’t see so am assuming…), mostly old (er) men meet once a month to show off their cars and to discuss ‘old car’ issues. As you can tell I am making this up because I don’t know why they meet or what they discuss - I can only imagine. I did get that they meet in Friburgo the first Sunday and also during the month they go to other towns to show off their cars. Today we saw only 6 cars, one of those was Camillo’s 1970s version MP.



This is a reproduction of a 1950s MG (with a Volkswagen Beetle engine and bucket seats made for midget (butts), windows that don’t quite close and a top you need to put up at any hint of rain because it doesn’t fit right and can take 10 minutes to get closed). For all its shortcomings we have a lot of fun driving the back roads and the downtown streets of Nova Friburgo with our little sports car – the little boys and the old men stop to stare when we pass by.

back to the car club……

one photo is worth a 1000 words


DSC_2694 DSC_2710 DSC_2695 

DSC_2704DSC_2699 I like Camillo’s car and all, but take a close look at that pick-up truck….. I’m in love (again!)

I just know the owner has to have a James Dean hair cut, a tattoo on his muscled arm and a pack of cigs rolled in his t-Shirt sleeve…. okay so I’m showing my age but I did like this truck.

All in all a nice Sunday afternoon.


  1. Ginger, thanks for making comments on my Bio-Diversity blog. Been "awhile that I've opened "Flowers and More" It's looking better all the time. Not that it wasn't good before. I can imagine that riding in Camillo's car is a real trip. Cheers to both of you.

  2. it's a pleasure - I am your number one fan. Since I broke away from Rio Rose's blog I have been 'being myself' more and with GringGene's help with a few 'blogging' tips I've made changes I hope reflect my attitudes about Brasil.

  3. I love old cars and I used to have 2 MGB's (been a few years though). A red and a blue one....both ragtop's. Loved them both. I used to ride to the beach with the top down and boy, did it do a job on my hair. My hair is soooo curly and flyaway, and definately not convertible material, lol.
    I love the picture of the 50's MG!!
    You're right, that truck is awesome and I hear you on the James Dean thing girl.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Reggie Girl - In Houston I had a PURPLE Z3 ragtop - I miss my drives home from work with the top down and the music playing... My hair is short and thin and always has been so Convertables ARE MY KIND of Car.

  5. Thanks for showing these photos of classic cars! I love vintage so I totally fell in love with all those cars! I especially love the white one!

    OH and I like the truck too! Aww, super awesome!

    I hate the cars of today LOL.