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Monday, April 27, 2009

Just looking

Today is my daughter's **th birthday. I can remember her big blue eyes and soft roundness on the day of her birth even after so many years. I called her this morning at SIX AM her time and left 'happy birthday to you' on her cell phone.

Lagoa 1222005 (33)DSC05360

I have been back into my external drive which holds all my photos from years past. I thought I would cull out the bad or marginal ones and recover some badly needed disc space. I am so bad at knowing what a bad photo is so all I have accomplished is to see photos I would like to show you. These two are of the same Ficus tree which hangs out over the Lagoa in Rio. The times of year, the angle and the light are different but I like both photos. I love reflections and the sense of hidden spaces.


  1. These are such beautiful shots! Liked what you had to say today on my blog. I guess I'm at the beginning of that 'chill out' stage.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! A nice time of year to have a birthday.

    as for the photos, they are wonderful in all their simplicity. The first one especially gave me such a feeling of peace and calm. I can't seem to look at it enough. It transports me to an inner place!! good post!! Take care, and thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I love seeing that you have been by for a visit!! ciao, Debby

  3. These photos are breathtaking!

    For skin that is troubled, have you tried Burts Bees? I swear by them.

    Burt's Bees sunscreen works the best for me, but I find it takes a while to absorb. What kind do you use?

    Also, Nivea lotion really helps my skin. And, sometimes I add a cup of milk, a tablespoon sweet almond oil, and a generous squeeze on the honey bear into a warm bath. My skin loves this.

    I don't use birth control pills, you are right though, they can increase sun sensitivity. I just have sensitive skin. LOL - lucky me - and you too, hunh? :)

  4. Happy birthday Patty (is that right??). Tell her Prince and I send hugs!!
    Hey that pic of the branch reflecting over the water is awesome.
    You missed your calling in life darling GingerV. The professional photography world is missing Y~O~U!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl