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Thursday, April 16, 2009

take a ride with me....

Since I have been doing the ’my town’ blogs, I seem to be seeing Nova Friburgo with new eyes. Yes, I still see the signs of neglect but I am also seeing the small gems with new paint, the partially restored old Portuguese styled buildings. I am looking forward to tomorrows 'my town' entries. Yesterday (was Bagman sitting as my copilot), I thought I would video some of my drive down from our house to Centro. This will just give you a little idea of how driving is in Friburgo - driving with one hand on the wheel and with the other holding the camera on dash. I took about 6 small segments - but scared the ..... out of myself a couple of times so I deleted the evidence on the way home..... let me tell you curves are hard to drive with one hand!


  1. This is awesome GingerV...what a ride you've taken us on!!
    You've been riding with my Bagman?? He's kind of elusive these days around Newnan. Either that or he's disguised??
    I'm about ready to fight all you ladies for him.......
    Put em up!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I've been on roads like that before, and they are so much fun. But they do make you dizzy.

    You are right the town shoot outs giving us a different perspective on everything. I have been shooting for the paper for two years, but since starting this blog I am discovering so many little treasures.

    Bad Bagman!

  3. the video didn't come out quite like I wanted it too, but driving with only my left hand I drove slower than usual and I didn't meet any big trucks or busses on the road. some of the curves are so tight that the busses use part of my lane to go up on theirs... can be scary

  4. This is a nice idea, I would consider doing a video of whatever trip I feel like!

    Good thing you didn't hit a deer or something, sure is kinda hard to drive with a camera in one of your hands!

    I love the music playing on your radio on the first video, haha!

  5. Yes, this is awesome! The videos are so great!

    I wished I could be there and have a ride with you too :)!

    I wish you and your family a very nice and sunny weekend,

    have a good time,
    greetings from Germany,