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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More - just for fun

Click the video so you can see how much fun I have trying to stay (not too fat) fit. We have a lot of fun with Edgar as he makes us work hard while he plays this time with the camera.

The gyms are so much different here, smaller, friendlier. I go to this gym pretty consistantly 3 times a week for two hours each day. I do a 45 minute spinning class (some days I do better than others) and then I do a weight workout. I need to add another aerobic work out each week but I don't it will happen.

enjoy seeing me be foolish.


  1. Do you think you could send Edgar my way? He is a hunk.

    Go GingerV!

  2. Oh yeh! a hunk and a sweet guy - to be 20 years younger - I always get a big hug from him - makes my day!

  3. I want Edgar for Easter GingerV!!
    Can you arrange this for me? Ask him if he will at least send me an autographed photo of himself. No kidding either. Tell him I will post it on my blog when I get it. And yes, I'm serious.
    I love seeing your funny, silly side my friend. You have a great sense of humor and it's a joy to see it :)
    Take good care and......

    Steady On

  4. Oh wait!!! I also meant to say...
    Loida has chosen next week's Friday Shoot-Out subject:
    I think this one will be a fun filled one as well as your's. At least we won't get eaten by a tiger or something.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Edgar is a great amount of fun, sometimes when he plays good music I get down off the bike and dance with him.... OOOHHHH YEH!!

    I think next week will be more fun than this weeks - even though it was my idea I have had some problems with it... Maybe I just don't like assignments!!