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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brasilian styled birthday party

DSC_3040Tuesday was a national holiday, everything was closed including the gym. Next week is Edgar's birthday. These two things combined prodded me to invite the young people from the gym up here to the house for a Churrasco.

They came, it rained, they ate everything on the table, they DSC08037laughed and talked and enjoyed each other's company.  They enjoyed their day off.  They did not care that they were stacked up against each other to avoid the rain.  They sang happy birthday to Edgar, ate cake and they left.

Camillo and I cleaned up for two hours then collapsed.







This is a normal routine for a birthday party. When I first arrived here I did like you would in the States;  you feed everyone, you give them coffee and desert. They sit around and talk and laugh, maybe have another drink, and sit and talk some more.

DSC_3036Here after the birthday cake everyone gets up at once, kisses and hugs everyone all around (and around) and then leaves.... hum?

So here you feed them, talk and laugh and dance, offer coffee, maybe give out chocolates, then when it is time for the party to be over you serve the birthday cake.

and that is that, everyone leaves.


  1. Folks wearing jackets. Cold in them there mtns. Must be great for wine drinking!


  2. yes has been cool this week. and YES is very good red wine weather. wish you were here!

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  4. I really enjoy hearing about your life in Brazil and the party looks like a lot of fun!

    Also I see you have a list of the Friday people ...I'm so happy to see some of the other people's names!

    I will also do that ..add some to my blog list over the weekend.

    Many blessings.

  5. Sarah-Lulu, I think I still have some missing I think the best list is at http://fridayshootouts.blogspot.com/
    will look for you tomorrow

  6. Ohhhhh....you lucky girl hugging Edgar like that!! Well gee Ginger V, I'm a little sad and a tad jealous that you didn't invite me for the cookout, wine, cake and chocolates :(
    Looks like a good time was had by all and you're the hostest with the mostest. See you at the shoot-out tomorrow dear friend and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. How Fun! Birthdays are my favorite no matter how you celebrate them!

  8. Reggie girl look again - he is hugging ME! - he is the sweetest boy (man) He said to me - You live in my heart! I think this is a typical Brasilian saying.... but isn't it the best?

  9. Beautiful family! What a great time you all look like you are having!

  10. Dear Ginger,

    I noticed that the birthday routine/tradition changes a lot from family to family.


  11. Ray I have not noted you visiting before, your link does not tell be who you are. thanks for your comments... so far I have been to fancy birthday parties for the aging, fancy parties for children and simple close family parties and they all followed the same routine.... but I am open for more parties.