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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lingerie capital of the WORLD!

When you drive the last steep hill before getting to the summit DSC_2898on the road to Friburgo, you will start to see huge billboards taunting lingerie and other unmentionables. It is useful to know that Friburgo is considered the lingerie capital – OF THE WORLD!   WHOOA!!

DSC08004This area of Brazil is a vast reserve of forests, with mountain streams and waterfalls, hiking trails and fishing; many natural wonders and breathtaking vistas, but it is known for its lingerie factory outlet stores.

Tour busses full of anxious women arrive almost every weekday. These women rush from store to store along the kilometer of shopping, (next to the bus station) trying to find the perfect bra, the laciest camisole or the most fluid pajamas and, of course, at the cheapest price.   A couple of times when entering the bus to Rio, we have had women take our bus with black trash bags full of goodies that are destined for the expensive stores in Rio. Two times I have taken friends visiting from Rio to see the merchandise – never again. I prefer to drop them off and go to the bar for a beer or two with the husbands.

DSC08007   DSC08000    DSC08003

Every week another little galleria opens along the road between Mury and the central area of Friburgo.   Just about as often there is another store that closes.   I have yet to figure out what the store hours are.   It is usual in the States for the best shopping days to be Saturday, Sunday afternoon and on holidays (when women are off work).  Here these stores seem to be closed most of all the weekend and definitely all the holidays. When do they sell their goods?   Maybe it is on Wednesday and Thursday only – I don’t pay enough attention.   And if these are factory outlets stores, where are the factories?   If you want to come up to Friburgo to buy bargain priced underwear – see if you can verify that the stores are open that day – if they are and you have a lot of energy you will definitely find just the right pair for the right outfit.



  1. Oh boy, Bagman loved this post! He broke our monitor trying to push his face through it before Butler and I pulled him back and went out to purchase a new monitor with unbreakable glass and wire mesh.

  2. B&B is a good thing I was careful about what photos I put in the post.

  3. How do people drive down the road without having accidents from watching the billboards??

  4. Your town, no matter how small, is now on the map. Gordon

  5. It's not only Bagman who loved this post!

    Brazil certainly has a lot to offer!

    Funny about the stores being closed on the weekend though?

  6. Wendy - there are surprisingly few accidents here but not because of the billboards - I think Brasils see so much skin they are left unfazed by the billboards, the traffic here is a mess because traffic lights and other signs are also not seen. There is about one accident per week in the area of the bus station - but because the stop lights are ignored.

    Patty H - You ddddoo nnnooottt wanttt a thong. American b...'s are just not made for this type of exercise in sex appeal.

    Gorden - not so small about 300K people - all doing their own thing in their own way.... a mess that no expat can ever understand.

    Barry - you men! I am a firm believer that Brasilians shoot themseves in the foot - regularly - on making money issues.

  7. Why look at you bringing out your wild side GingerV!! Girl, you made me blush :)
    I loved this post!!! You are hysterical.
    Almost Friday.......YAY!! I've been telling anyone who left me a comment to go to your blog and leave you one so that you can get their link :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Reggie Girl - no wild side here - just more scientific-like observations about 'my town'

    I think gordon has a very good list of participants - I was going to sneak over and copy his list... if anyone comments I will add them also...
    I think I gained back my two kilos last weekend taking photos - and testing food for Friday's blog

  9. Just to let you know, I've given you a Lemonade Award!

    You are not under any obligation to follow the "rules". See my blog for details.

    Thank you for a blog that displays attitude in the best sense of the word!


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