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Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of my favorite trees


One of my favorite fruit trees in the garden is the Jabuticaba.

I have three, two that Camillo put in more than 20 years ago and do not give anything in the way of fruit and a new, small one we just planted.  The first year here, I got enough fruit to make one VERY good batch of jelly, to become addicted and since then nada.   We have put in this new tree in a sunny location and more space around, and it has already bloomed.  We got about about 2 dozen fruits but there is hope for the 2 kilo I will need for jelly in the future. The fruit is a deep purple when ready, about the size of a large grape, with a white pulp and a seed in the center. The pulp is very sweet and you can eat them as is - but I love the jelly. If I am lucky enough to get 2 kilo in the future (80% fully ripe and 20% greenish) I can make 4 jars of jelly without adding any pectin or other fruits. The jelly is tart and sweet and we love it on fresh bread.


  1. I love these pictures. I think that I would love this jelly too.

  2. The beauty that you've captured here GingerV is amazing. That little white fuzz growing out of the berry looks so close that I want to reach out and touch it just to feel it.......
    Hey......I want some of that jelly.
    I will send you a video of Prince and I doing a Salsa if you send me some (okay......maybe OUR version of a samba. We won't be asked to be on "Dancing With The Stars" anytime soon, lol).

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. You ladies are sure on the ball this morning,
    that fuzz is what is left of the flower
    there are flowers all over the trunk and lower branches, then fruit from the flowers grow... then the jelly.
    Reggie girl post your video on your blog for all to see. first I have to harvest more than 2k then I can send you some.... if I lie about what is in the box.

  4. Yum. Those little berries are so cute! You did a super job photographing them up close. I wonder if you can but that jam or jelly in the states?

    I love the topics. So many fun things to eat right off the trees!

  5. this fruit is grown in Florida - check with Papa and Mema.

  6. Cool photos and berries, someone might pick from there LOL.