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Friday, April 03, 2009

Next Friday - Shoot out

“My town – the four blocks of Main street’ (4,5, or 6 blocks) The main four corners, the traffic / cars / people / street vendors / store fronts / alleys /trash bins…. of the main parts of main street that are your town – that street's name could be Maple or Washington or of course Main or just the main drag in your neighborhood.


  1. I gotta fix that. It sounds good.

  2. Very cool, got that. This is a nice idea! See you next week.

  3. Great and explicit explanation GingerV. I still say that this will be one of the most interesting by far. I can't wait to see your city snaps. I love this assignment and am already starting.
    I still say your beautiful moth took the Blue Ribbon yesterday.
    Take good care and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. I like this one, it is going to force me to try my hand at street photography.
    This is an awesome project, these shoot outs. Last week I was in a wild forest with untamed animals, and this week I get to brave the jungle of the city.
    I love it.

    Thank you for the wonderful comment that still has me glowing.

  5. Dear GingerV,
    Please include me in the Friday's Shoot Out.. I'll be leaving my town soon so this will be the best time for me to keep the memories.. So great that you chose this My Town Shoot Out.. I'm also anticipating your usual beautiful photo shoots. Have a nice week ahead..

  6. Remeber everyone who want to do a blog about their town is welcome - rule # 1 of the no rules Friday Shoot Out.
    see the list to the left - I have tried to keep up with everyone participating and Loida you are right there in the middle....
    good shooting everybody.