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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tour to Bruges, Belgium

DSC_0448Several days ago we took the subway to the north train station (Gare Nord) to buy tickets to Bruges. There was mass Chaos at the station, and, to tell the truth, we just couldn't figure out which line we should be in....   We went back to the hotel and arranged to go with a tour group.  It was in the budget to take at least one tour so we were doing okay.  The tour left from their offices by the Louvre at 7:15 - we took a taxi to get over there, leaving the hotel at 6:30.  Neither of us slept knowing we had to get up by 5:45 and not trusting our hearing the alarm (wrist watch) or the Hotel call.... Okay so we both slept for 2 hours while the bus headed north. Rain and cold wind increased as we moved north, the temperature dropping from 5 degrees C to 3 at the gates of the city. Thankfully the tour guide kept quiet the first 2 hours, the sun was behind the clouds, the bus was warm and we slept.
DSC_0440Even on a day with intermittent heavy rains this small Belgium city is a delight. Ancient architecture has been carefully preserved. I can just imagine what it must be like in the spring. If you are able to travel in France take a day out to go north 3 hours, on beautiful highways (or the trains) and visit. There were stores with lace, chocolate and small wooden toys. Several of the original canals, and the city mote are still functioning. Boat rides are available.... not for me on a cold and raining day.... burrrrr.   
DSC_0446  DSC_0456
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[small photos download is easier - click any to enlarge for better viewing ]
.....tomorrow we travel home. By the way Camillo's bag was with the reception on the 27th in the morning.... everything inside was whet but all there. Do you think it will do any good to complain with AF?
[aren't you proud of me to limit the photos.... I only took a hundred or so] 


  1. More pictures! More more more!
    I was in Bruges a few months ago, and like you I found it to be wonderful. Such a nice, old-but-comfortable city. They do get a lot of rain there, though!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. I was there with Shannon about 8 years ago. It was sweet, the cathedrals made me sneeze with alergy attacks though. We stayed in the strangest hotel by default, we could not find another. The Rembrandt and Reubens hotel. I will never for get or the grumpy owners who demanded that all guests be in bed by 10pm and wouldn't allow any photos in their museum/home.