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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organization - Labels part 2

I have been working diligently to clean up my labels (tags), to help you all have an easier experience searching through the archives - two years worth of my blogging. (see part one Organization - Tags and other issues)  There ends up being several ways to find what interests you.   Blogs about travel outside of Brasil are also labeled by the specific places (Spain, Italy , Chile , etc.) and blogs about travel inside of Brasil also can be found under the city or area visited (Iguacu Falls or Curitiba ). Photography will also take you to some of these same entries but the entries include a large number of my photos.  My favorites are within Culture Shock which is were I have talked about my thoughts /feelings about living outside of my country, as opposed to culture (31)  which talks about things that happen that seem more cultural here in Brasil than human nature in general.
I also added a search this blog area at the very beginning just incase you can remember something VERY profound that I said but can't remember where I said it. Let me know if you have trouble getting any of this to work.   Anyway, do a little looking and see if all my work has helped.

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