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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The lunchtime show (Edited and Improved)

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There is a small store near the bus station in Nova Friburgo that sells handmade bird houses and feeders. Each one is individual and unique. I finally convinced Camillo that we needed one and so I bought two…. well you know how it is… it is hard to chose just one and they were only R$30.00 each. They are both hooked directly to a tree on either side of our patio (piazzetta – or the little Plaça) The blue one may be too low because the food will set there several days but the yellow one is about 20 ft from the table and very popular.

I could easily fill it 3 times a day. We have gotten so we put fresh feed out right before we bring out our own lunch and it takes about 15 minutes for the birds to start stopping by. First the little ones come. It is interesting because they seem to wait their turn, only one small bird in the feeder at a time… one will wait on the tree trunk or branch and if someone takes too long the fly in and make a challenge, but usually not two at a time are in the feeder (Probably these are daddy birds) These little birds are about 3-5 inches from beak to tail, with chipmunk like stripes on the back of the head and a red-brown collar around the neck. I don’t have a bird book so I can’t give you any idea of the names for any of these birds.

There is a yellow breasted bird that sits up in the tree – he is quite a distance and my 135 doesn’t get a good shot – but his colors are apparent. We hear him but have not yet seen him at the feeder, may be a night raider.

After the little birds show them the way, our guest parrots from the attic come in. So far they always come in 3s, two in the feeder and on one the branch as watchdog. These guys are messy eaters, they sort through, taking what they want and spitting onto the ground what they don’t like. This sound wasteful but then the little sparrows come and yesterday what we were told is a forest pigeon to clean the ground. All of this show with our lunch


  1. Those feeders are beautiful ---and what a treat to watch the birds from your patio while having lunch. We also love birds and have 5 feeders all year and add a hummingbird feeder in the summer. A strong windstorm blew down 2 of the feeders a few nights ago. One broke. We need to fill the other three. You say you could refill yours 3 times a day. I have often commented that anyone who says "She eats like a bird" must mean "She eats like a horse." We could go broke feeding our local flocks.

  2. Wonderful photos. I love that colorful bird.

    Our birds do eat some food around here, especially in the winter months. We have a lot of pigeons that drop by, and of course, squirrels. We try to make sure there is enough for everyone--squirrels have to eat, too!

    It is good entertainment for our cats who sit out on the porch and watch the show. It is tail-wagging fun for them.

  3. Hi, I think the yellow bird might be the Great Kiskadee (Pitangus Sulphuratus)? I am not a "know it all" ! but by chance there was a named pic. of a similar bird a few pages on from you in Google images of NFriburgo. I hear you have met Wendy. Peter

  4. p.s. Hi again, in my UK garden among the robins and blackbirds a little bird called a tree-creeper has begun coming by, quite a rarity. it walks up the tree trunk seeking insects then flies down to the base of the next tree and is then off, it's a great delight to see but is quietly dressed in rural browns like Don Quixote ! Peter