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Saturday, February 28, 2009


DSC_1386 Is anyone else irritated by the 'new' way that the gadget 'follower's' works (or doesn't)?   I like very much having the list of those who follow my blog as it was.  I could get to you easily, read what you have to say and was happy.  Now it takes up too much space on the page and if I click your icon I get a drop down with your bio - and list of your blogs - AND a list of blogs you follow. Then I have to click your blog name again - anyway what is irritating is NO ONE ASK ME IF I WANTED THESE CHANGES.......   If they wanted to improve their gadget they should have made it easier to work with it, edit it etc.:   for example while trying to get rid of the 'Aron' gadget that doesn't have his picture, I ended up with my own on the list and can not remove it.... does anyone know how to remove an icon from the list?

Anyway, I am thinking about eliminating it and have only the list of "My Favorite Blogs" like I did originally. Not all change is for the better.


  1. I with you on this one Ginger V.....I don't like the change either. I agree, not all change is for the better. I was trying to delete some old blogs that I used to follow because, well you know....I don't really visit them any longer and it wouldn't let me "stop following" like it used too!!
    I a little annoyed about it!!
    Maybe you're onto something here. Let me know if you change to just the "My Favorite Blogs" and how it works out......I think I may follow suit.
    By the way, I think you're the bestest :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Reggie Girl do you realize you have 102 followers? no wonder it is impossible to put a comment on your blog.
    I already have a 'My favorite blogs' on the left-hand side of Flowers. I haven't kept it up because was just as easy to click followers, but I think I will - soon - and get rid of the 'follower' gadget. this is a warning.

  3. I don't like it either. I have not been around for very long, so I am sure I will get piled up with followers in due time.

    No telling what Blogger has in store for us, You can bet they are using us to their own ends.

  4. I forgot...like your little friend.

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  6. I didn't like the new follower box either, but this might help:

    To stop following ---On your blog, go to your dashboard. At the bottom choose MANAGE, then click SETTINGS on the blog you want to stop following. On the page that comes up, click on Stop following this blog.

    Also I just discovered today that if you click on the top right of the followers' box (on the 2 overlapping squares) you will get another window on which you can click on a follower, which will take you to the profile and then you can click on his/her blog.

  7. I tried Carolina's suggestion - and was able to 'manage' my followers at least I was able to block Aaron... but if he reads this he needs to email me - I didn't want to block him as a follower I just want him to try again so that I get his photo. thanks for everyone's comments.