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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Organization - Tags and other issues

No pictures today, today is a clean house day and I have a lot of that to do. Aparently I have not been very good at tagging (labeling) my blogs in a way that will make sense to you, my reader or to those searching information about Brasil and therefore finding my blog by accident.
I have been putting tags such as aggressive green in Brasil which has a lot of meaning to me, but may not help you find anything if you are searching..... Camillo's father came to visit a long time ago and as he stepped off the plane said, 'the greens in Brasil are so aggressive'. Being from Italy, a country of the drab gray-green of an olive tree, and the light browns of limestone clifts, the colors of Brasil are agressive. So I used this tag (label) when I was writing about the forest, about color, about landscapes and as I looked back, aggressive thoughts and a hodge-podge of other entries. Well it must have made a lot of sense at the time. (I'm sorry!)
Over the past few days I have tried to go back and edit the blog entries and put in tags that would make sense to my readers and potential future readers. Let me tell you this is a JOB. There is no way to sort, add a tag and then save. NO! I had to go through the list of posts (185 of them), find one I wanted, enter additional tags, re-publish, the go back to the beginning of the list and start searching again..... Just so you'll know - I do not have the type of patience it takes to do this task... so I will just make you a promise that from now on I will do better and you can, in a spirit of adventure, go through my labels and see what they mean - good luck to all of us.
By the way photos of Carnival are under colors of Brasil not under Carnival in general - there is also a Carnival revival.....which is about the city going back to the street carnivals of old - okay so being organized is not one of my strong suits..... just work with me a bit.....


  1. Your pictures are breathtaking! I have never been to beach of Copacabana but have been been to that the club in in New York!

    I found the colors of all your flowers to be simply perfect...make no apology for whether or not the reds are red enough.

    As to your tags...I still can't figure out how to do that...I set my blog up about two weeks ago and it's such a mishmash. Maybe one day I might actually know how to do all this stuff.

    In the meantime...I look forward to visiting your blog...so much to see.

    Enjoy your rainy days...for the sun is always there!