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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The baby birds

On Friday, Camillo and I went to the fish market west of Centro Nova Friburgo and bought a Namorado (just like boyfriend). It was a good sized fish and rumored to be good for MUQUECA. On Saturday, Terazinha our neighbor from Bahia cooked lunch for us….

DSC_1432%255B4%255D DSC_1443%255B4%255D
DSC_1445%255B4%255D DSC_1436%255B9%255D

Fish/ red and yellow peppers/cherry tomatoes / onion/ lete de coco and a touch of dende oil and a pinch of salsa, Served with rice and forofa, caipirinhas and smiling faces.

While sitting in the dining room at Terazinha’s, a bird kept flying onto the patio and zooming back out. She (they including the father) had built a nest just outside the window and they were feeding the babies. I got some photos – not exceptional – but I was thrilled and totally entertained throughout the complete meal.

DSC_1468%255B2%255D DSC_1447%255B4%255D DSC_1450%255B5%255D
DSC_1465%255B3%255D DSC_1469%255B3%255D DSC_1457%255B2%255D


  1. Ginger...I just loved the pictures...so vibrant the colors! I would love to add the table picture to my second blog OLDWRINKLEDWOMAN...COOKS. It's exactly the type of picture that I am hoping to have as a celebration of people doing the simple task of breaking bread together. If you would allow me I would be honored to put a table picture up on my blog with who's who in the picture. Not really sure if I'm doing this blog stuff right...but, what the hey...I love sampling the bits and pieces of life in the simple.

    Have a wonderful day every day,

  2. Hi Ginger, Do you know what kind of birds those are? We have six bird feeders in our yard. I am a night owl and often go to bed when everyone else is getting up. I often stand at our kitchen window for 10 or 15 minutes before heading for bed to watch the birds at our feeders. Watching nature calms me and prepares me for sleep.
    Your home looks lovely ---and in such a beautiful setting.

  3. finally internet service - it was down all weekend. the Home in these pictures is Terazinha's - and she does have a beautiful home. She has one complete room of pianos and organs... she is a lovely person.

    I do not know these birds' names. I am really bad about this type of thing - I enjoy color and flowers but detail like names missing. We also have feeders and enjoy watching the birds. these birds are bigger then rens and when flying had really beautiful redish brown on the wing tips. let me know if you have a bird book that gives the name - I'll publish it.

  4. All of your photos are just beautiful. I enjoyed your scrapbook.

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