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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ready for a shock?

I decided that I would try and re-organize my photos.  I have them all saved on an external hard drive which holds 232 GB and has only 48.7 GB remaining. (of course there are also back up files, this is not just photos)   I have been told about several online storage places but am not able to bring myself to ‘trust’ them.   So I need to either organize and delete, or buy a bigger storage drive.

For the first time ever I looked at my pictures folder’s properties. Are you ready for this? There are over 27 thousand files in the picture folder, a total of 57 GB. The folders are organized by Trips (Spain, France, Italy, Iguacu falls, ETC.) And Family/friends/and other special folders.

One of the folders is ‘Condominium Stucky’ with 4294 items, which includes ‘Around Friburgo’, ‘Friburgo Garden’, ‘Inside Friburgo’ and others. One of the folders is ‘Sunsets Sunrise sky and Fog’. For this blog I started looking at this folder because it really defines my dilemma. These photos are exclusively of our view off the veranda. It has 1390 items. How can one view have 1390 different looks? I went through it (2 hours of time) and deleted many questionable photos, most of the of the moon which never turn out the way I want. After this clean-up, I still had 1369 photos. How can I delete more? {Just in case your good at math this is only a net of 21 photos because I found more sunset etc. photos in other folders – I actually managed to delete nearly 100 photos}

I have put a sample of 20 photos in the album above.   Basically they are of the same view. Look at them, which one would you delete? What I need is someone impartial to go through my photos and delete as many as possible. Then go away, so I can restore them…. I can not delete photos that is my dilemma. Everyone has something I like about it – of course it does – why else would I have taken it?

Note that in the album you can look at the photos in a slideshow – and enlarged, that is very nice.

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