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Thursday, June 19, 2008

More information and bit and pieces

I promised you more information about Civita when back in Rome - and we are back in Rome. Can you believe we have only one more full day. The time here has gone very fast. Civita di Bagnoregio (reading from an Italian guide book) dating back as far as 396 BC (before Christ) - is situated between Viterbo and Orvieto not very far from the famous hill top city of Montefiascone (est, est, est). (two 1/2 hour drive north of Rome's center) Now there is a walkway but back in 'the old days' the monks were lifted up in wicker baskets. If you can find you way there it is well worth the effort. Do both Montefiascone and Civita in one day.
Now on to Venice. Marissa says this is her favorite and of all the places we have seen she wants to go back there. Can you imagine no cars, buses, motorcycles - just people - thousands and thousands of people. One day I counted 3 large cruise ships - you know those 4 or 5 deckers - they come for the day and belch out tour groups and individuals - wandering, eating, shopping and generally getting in the way (my way of course) - I got up at 7 am to get out and take photos before the 8 am crowds began. Marissa was supposed to join me but she slept through the alarm....
As we often do we do not make reservations for Hotels. This leaves us able to change plans along the way. We take the trains (another story) and when we arrive, we go to tourist information and get a hotel. This sometimes backfires and we end up with too expensive or just barely comfortable but this time in Venice we ended up at the Concorda. Comfortable rooms, good location, good breakfast, a little stuffy (full of themselves) but (for Italy) mid priced, and a pleasure. The gave us a snack and a coffee while waiting for the room.... this says it all.
We are all a little tired, but our next stop is Florence

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