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Friday, June 13, 2008

Frascati and other family gatherings

Yesterday, (note that I am behind by several days because it is hard, and expensive to be on Internet) we spent the day with Camillo's family. We visited Frascati where Camillo went to high school, had his first sweetheart (s) and lived through an Allied (USA) bombing of the city. September 8, 1943 the Allied bombers flew over, dropping hundreds of bombs in an attempt to wipe out the local German headquarters - that building still stands today. The rest of the city lay in ruins. Camillo, his little sister, his brother and his parents survived, 6000 other innocents died(total population at the time 12K). I never read about this action in an American History book. Frascati is a charming little town - not overrun with tourists, and of course, no ancient ruins. But bakeries and meat markets still operated by the mothers, fathers, and grandmothers. About 5 KM above the city is Tuscolo - an archaeological site, still being uncovered by students from Rome's universities - for your enjoyment - another photo of my beautiful granddaughter.

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