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Friday, June 20, 2008

Curse or Blessing

Whether we want it or not, we will have an extra day in Rome. Apparently the Italian air traffic controllers are on strike tomorrow. Why not wait until Sunday when we would have been home safe and sound...? NO it has to be on Saturday. Yes, we are getting an extra day but jeez no one is paying for the hotel, the food, the transportation or the LAUNDRY that we will have to stay just one more day. (You can't even imagine the cost of a load of laundry in Europe) Today, as it was to be our last day, we had another special meal with Camillo's sister Mirella, popped the cork on the last bottle of champagne, had the last special wild strawberry desert, visited the last ruins on VIA Appia Antica - and now - we will have to walk one more street, eat one more delicous Italian dinner see one more interesting sight - like the police Chariots at the train station - is this delay a blessing or a curse?

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