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Friday, June 27, 2008

corrections and other housework

In my blog about Civita - I said that at one point the monks were 'air lifted' in a wicker basket. Camillo says that is wrong - 'that I never told you that' 'that you are confusing it with someplace in Greece' - where we have never traveled - but that he may have said, ' this is like..." and I didn't catch the qualifier - it is really possible that this is the case so we looked, and read, and debated, and came to the conclusion that I am wrong in my memory of what Camillo told me over 16 years ago. There was never a (documented) wicker basket episode for Civita! There was a natural land bridge that at several points over time was destroyed by earthquakes, landslides and other natural geological disasters, and was rebuilt by man several times to keep the city accessible, including the current bridge shown in my photos. I can see that Marissa did not get her detailed, scientific characteristics from me - possibly her mother? (Earthquakes - they don't just stop do they?? They keep reoccurring?? to this little town set atop a very little peak???)
I want to talk about culture - but will wait a bit - after five days in Rio I am still groggy and tired. I have been in my past very judgemental when older people I know quit traveling ... 'you have to go, go, go until you can't'. Now I have to admit that I am beginning to understand. The cost of everything seems way too expensive, the distances from plane to train or taxi seem way too long, the changes, adjustments, delays are almost insurmountable, and it takes too much energy to recover from the trip (not the sightseeing) home. I begin to see that my travel experiences are finite.

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