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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back home - but with memories

I know you know I am back in Brazil but there are a few follow up comments I want to make. My old feet encased in practical boots (which were great by the way, but hot) and Marissa's feet shed of tennis shoes and in more fashionable slides, were both showing signs of fatigue. This was reflected in our frequent stops for sodas, on a park bench, under shade trees.
On our last - extra gifted day - we went back to the Spanish Steps, walked around all the surrounding streets, looking but not going into the very posh stores. Then a climb up the steps and a short walk to the lookouts at Villa Borghese to view the city one more time, and then after lunch near the hotel, a nap and a shower,
another walk to see the Cathedral - Santa Maria Maggiore , - You think you have seen everything - the most beautiful - the most inspiring and then you find another secret place. When we arrived around five on Saturday afternoon, the church was open to the public (tourists) but was having a service. Swelled with tourists, and the devout from the neighborhood this service was --- Beautiful. The choir and one of the Priest were singing the last of service. The haunting sounds echoed through the church - tingled - starting in the back of my head and traveling all the way down to my tired feet. If I lived close, I would go every Saturday at five just to hear this music. I've said it before and will again I am sure but - FANTASTIC!

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