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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today I have an appointment

Camillo and I are in Rio for this week. Usually when we come into the city it is because Camillo has appointments and I am not an enthusiast of staying alone in our (super) quiet house on the hill, so I come. You have to remember that these appointments of his are not for doctors or other things you would imagine an 83 year old would need but to talk to company/area managers/geophysicist of oil companies here in Brasil.
And this week isn't any different. This week while he is thinking and planning and making presentations on the computer I also have a plan..... Well it is simple and not time consuming and definitely not something I have to prepare for - other than a good shower and putting on cloths a little more formal than gym cloths - but I have an appointment.
This morning I am going around the corner - literally - to talk with the coordinator of the Britannia School of English. They offer a course that certifies English teachers. The CELTA.
I have been told I can teach English Second Language (ESL) because I am a native speaker, but I have my doubts. How does a bookkeeper/auditor, office manager, and mother experience help you teach English? Trying to learn Portuguese gives me empathy, but what do I know about teaching methods and process? I don't even know if my natural temperament is good for teaching. I am pretty much a, 'I'll show you 3 times, and if you don't get by then...' type of person. In other words impatient. I know I can 'be there' and 'collect the check' but can I teach. Camillo thinks I am just trying to come with reason why I won't do this but I know myself quite well and I have not been sure that teaching is for me.
This course is also R$3600.00. Hummmm!  At today's exchange rate that is US$2055.00 and some change. For one month in the classroom. I can take one year towards a master in Linguistic at the University of Houston for the same US dollars.  Of course I am not in Houston, I am in Rio SO this is my option. This is really the issue here. I feel this is my only option if I want to work, to do SOMETHING in Brasil. My Portuguese is so limited that I am limited. But after my meltdown a few weeks ago I know I need to try to pursue something.... Okay, today I at least talk to someone about taking a step.  Wish me luck.


  1. I do wish you luck, Ginger. I've been asked by a few of our new neighbors to consider teaching English to their children, and even though I hhomeschool my own boys, the thought of teaching ESL is frightening to me. So, I get it. I understand. Best of luck to you as you consider this course.

  2. Awesome! Good for you! I laughed out loud over the,"I'll show you 3 times" bit! So funny. I know just what you mean!

  3. Best of luck to you Ginger. Even if you decide this isn't the right thing for you, I think taking this first step towards pursuing something, even if you are unsure, will put a different vibration out to the universe and bring more opportunities your way. You are allowing yourself to open up to possibilities and that is a good thing no matter what the outcome.

    good luck!