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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Special Affects and other fun things


Last week I put up a photo on the blog banner that I had played with in a photo edit program. Mostly I just wanted to see how it did in the blog format and I thought it looked great. I received a couple comments asking how I had done it – and this blog is to tell you how.

I know everyone in the world that likes to take photos has Photoshop or other less well known programs to play with or to edit out the major mistakes made when out in the world taking quick shots.

But for me this program, costing US$699 (in Brasil is R$900), is too rich just to being playing around. I went on line and searched (not wanting a free program or to hock my first granddaughter to buy it.) and found one for US$170.00 called ADCsee Pro 3.

The only thing that I haven’t liked is that ADC doesn’t have watercolor affects which I used often when I first started using a digital camera. That edit program was an old Microsoft XP add-on photo editor – and was GREAT – FOR free!

When I take a photo of flowers, for example, the best is when I just like the photo as it is, but if the color is good but maybe there is blurring in the wrong place – or like the one above – the flower shows flaws that I don’t notice with my very bad eyesight, then I like to play with an editor. Here are a few examples…

118_jpg-oil-paint4oil paint  -      118_jpg-graniteGranite -

118_jpgold4Old               118_jpgsepia5    Sepia -

118_jpg-sheet-metal  Sheet metal -   118_jpgcolorededges4 Colored edges - 

and finally -  

118_jpgstainedglass5  Stained Glass


  1. Ginger, I love these. I've not yet played with my photos like this except to change them into black and white and make collages. I don't know that picasa will do this and the only other thing I have is paint, which confuses the heck out of me.

    The oil paint photo really makes the color look vibrant and I like the look of the granite very much. I also really like the colored edges. All the effects are so different and pretty it's hard to not like any of them.

    Thanks for the info. I've never heard of the program you mentioned. I'll have to check it out.

  2. I've never heaard about this but it is down right cool!

  3. Amazing how different effects can make the same picture look so different.
    Granite, and Coloured edges are my two favourites.

  4. I love that. I could play with filtering all day. Very good examples.