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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Blue Gate

Thank you all for your interest in the Blue Gate. Isn't it interesting that it caught you imagination just as it caught mine. As I rounded the corner on my way to the orchid house this bright blue gate caught my eye. It was partially open, taking only a small nudge and I was in. How could I have passed up this opportunity? And what bad could happen anyway, all they could do is kick me out. All except one of these photos was in the prior post but possibly you will gain a moment more of pleasure looking at them again. 
Behind the gate is a green house
It is made with two semicircles facing a center courtyard.
The support beams are also painted blue
and the columns a crystal clear white.
I imagined these plants being used to replace seasonal ones lost,
to keep the walkways and guest seating areas looking cool and green.
I am such a romantic
I imagined this garden / gazebo being used by the family that originally lived here to stroll on a warm summer's night.
As I walked away, I had to turn and snap just one more photo through the fence. Yes it is just as beautiful a space as I remembered.


  1. it certainly is gorgeous behind the blue gate. Thanks for the tour.
    And I love your new header!