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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just for the fun of it!

(disclaimer - not all these drivers are Brasilian - But they could be.) Camillo sent this to me - He wasn't impling anything because we both know that our car has been repaired 3 times for him and once for me. I swear that here in Brazil the parking spaces are exactly the width of a car - no room for error. I have to admit that I laughed the hardest at the woman who paid the parking then took the whole side of her car out driving out of the parking - I did that with my little z3 at work one day in Houston..... because the z was only about 10 foot long in the 3 seconds it took to get stopped, the whole passenger side of the car was caved.... the worst part was that there were 2 cars just behind me that saw the whole thing.... probably men! laughing! HARD!


  1. Gal in the gas station....poor thing.


  2. This video is too funny! I hate the parking here in Brazil! Back in the Houston I use to think about dents in my car and avoid them at all cost. Here in Rio I park the car knowing that I will get a dent in the door..HA

  3. Gene and Deb, thanks for enjoying the fun with me...
    When I am in Rio I don't drive the car parking is just too big a pain in the ... But anywhere there is such chaos there is bound to be damage and parking is Brasil is Chaos.

  4. Look like States drivers to me.

    There was this young guy in a parking lot at a mall in Atlanta, and he saw this parking spot, and rushed into it with his cool car, beating out an old lady driving a Rolls, who had also eyed the empty spot.

    She stopped her car as he was getting out, and gave him the evil eye, knowing he had seen her, and he yelled, "That's what you can do when you are young and spry."

    She calmly backed her car up and rammed it into the back of his car, got out and waited for the police. When she got out she said, "That's what you can do when you are old and rich."