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Saturday, December 07, 2013

FSO – rush hour

This time of year it is all about rushing.  Rush to work, and home; company parties, shopping, children’s plays, recitals, shopping, dinner parties and more shopping. There should be no limit to the possible photo ops and I have found myself with ZERO photos on the camera.  I carried the camera with me all week.  Nothing.  Two days ago I began looking through the Houston archives.  Nothing. 

I suggested this topic.  Surely I had an idea for a photo to post.  Nothing comes to mind.  Last week Patty and I went shopping for Thanksgiving dinner supplies, the lines were miles long, everyone in a rush to get home.  Did I take an interesting photo – NO.  On Thursday night we went to Wal-Mart to see ‘black Friday’ activities.  It was a madhouse people acting like idiots, rushing about then standing in a line that wound around the store, probably  a quarter mile long.  No dollar saved was worth standing in that line.   Did I take photos – NO.  Are you getting the idea that this is a disclaimer?

Right at this moment in time I don’t work.  In fact, I avoid going out between 6 – 8 am and if I do go out, I try to be back at the house or hiding in a coffee shop between 4 and 6pm.  Houston is a ‘get there by car or don’t go at all’ town.  Missouri city does not have any mass transit options.  Avoiding rush hour out this direction is a matter of survival.   Today I took two photo – snap shots really – that can give you an idea of what a society driven by cars means on a daily basis.



looking south


looking north on a Saturday afternoon.

and inside a store… we were 10th in line



  1. Gosh, Ginger, any hour would be rush hour with that much traffic on the roads, even on a Saturday. The second shot really tells the story.

  2. Yes the first shot, bumper to bumper is definitely rush, rush, rush.

  3. Ginger - thanks for the topic and thanks for the invitation. We all need a nudge once in a while. You took on your own assignment head one. The first shot was great because it made me cringe -- we can all get creative but looking through a windshield at a line of car ahead of us. The essence of what it feels like. And the shoppers in line...when I see a line like that I look for a shorter line and usually the shorter line is longer because the clerk is a trainee.

  4. This looks like my city. :( Sometimes I wish I lived with Pauline.

  5. Hi Ginger!
    Photos or not, this is a great post. It's -interesting-, and that's what I like.
    I did get your message, and I may participate in the Shootout soon, though it will be an exception. Perhaps I can make it once a month...

    1. Science Girl, good to hear from you. And a shot from France every once in a while would be great. don't even worry about once a month - no promises just show up and say hello.

  6. Looking at your photos makes me especially glad that I live in SW Florida....brrr...it looks so cold where you are!