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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Road traveled -

Tomorrow will be our last day in Italy.  Today Paulo and Lenira will leave for the airport for an early morning flight on Saturday – we leave on Sunday mid-day, flying to Paris then to Rio.  We have seen so many little towns, and driven through many more.  We have eaten very good food and some not worth the calories – we have enjoyed many of the local wines eaten with the local flavors. 
I started out taking nearly 400 photos a day, then around 300, into the 200s and the last two days I’ve not taken any.  I haven’t even looked at them all – just pulling a few here and there to spotlight on my header or to insert into the few posts I have managed to write. 
At about 10 towns, they all seemed to look alike but I still managed to find one small thing of beauty in each.  One moment of happiness at seeing something exceptionally beautiful.  I thought today I would make a list of places and show you one photo from each place…. well maybe not each place but will try for the major stops...  A summery of the drive through Italy.
Verona, northern Italy SAM_1282
Lago Garda DSC_5247
Arezzo DSC_5474
Anghiari DSC_5721
Cortona SAM_1812
Lucca DSC_6330
San Gimignano DSC_6510
Volterra DSC_6449
Siena SAM_2268
Montalcino DSC_6666
Montepulcano SAM_2530
Assisi DSC_6761
Civita DSC_6881
For now this is as far as I can take you.  I got this far and realized I’ve not yet download my photos from Frascati and Rome Area.  There are not many because being here is like being at home – like I’ve seen everything before.  I will write some thoughts about Rome soon. After we’ve returned to Friburgo perhaps.


  1. Ohhh I've just looked at all your beautiful amazing wonderful Italian photos!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to visit too. It's on my wish list. xx