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Saturday, September 18, 2010

As the day ends .

SAM_2783 This photo is of the sunset our last day in Frascati but it works for expressing my last days here in Italy as well.  A beautiful three weeks.  Full of color, texture, tastes and experiences. 
I still feel so full that I don’t know if I will be able to do justice to just one more SAM_2830 story about food but I will try.  Today Mira (Camillo’s sister Mirrella) suggested that she drive us to a small town outside of Rome called Monterotondo, (round mountain), for lunch in a little restaurant that she had found by accident.  It was to be about an hours drive, it took over two – I am pretty sure she got lost while trying to find this restaurant on purpose.
It was worth the drive – the little “La Locanda di bacco” offered food of the day, no menu, a wine list with prices from  8 to 150 Euro and a family atmosphere.  A perfect end to our effort to find ‘Italia Profunda’  [Piazza della Libeta 9/11 – tel 06 906 22366]
I chose Fettuccini con Tartufi and Mira had gnocchi with Parmesan Crocanti – To top off the whole experience I had a ‘frutta di Bosco’.  Only pictures will tell the whole story. 
SAM_2829 SAM_2825
SAM_2836 SAM_2837
See you next week back in Rio.


  1. Wow, wow, wow.


    That goes for the new header photo, the whole trip, the meal, everything. Simply scrumptious.

    Safe travels back.

  2. Oh, the food looks fantastic! And so artfully done. I love the fruit in the glass!

  3. Dear Ginger,
    What a great trip around Italy!
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    Long story short, the EMBRAER planes are solid built and have been replacing most of the American smaller commuter planes fleets because of it's quality and reliability.

    Take care