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Saturday, March 27, 2010

a visit to Sarasota Fl.

DSC_2066This past week I spent several days in Sarasota visiting with my mother and a sister. I had been in this area once long ago but had no real memory of the place. For 3 days my sister and her husband chauffeured me about, making sure I saw a few of the hot spots and several views of the new Ringling bridge just in case I needed a few shots for this week’s FSO. The area feels very much like Houston, same types of vegetation including huge old live oaks dropping their spring load of fine green pollen that really messes up my sinuses. Hope you enjoy the visit (sans the allergy attach).

First day: Sarasota BayFront Park & Marina. Families strolling, people of all ages sitting facing the sea, lying in the grass and gazing at the sky, artists painting, sketching, capturing the view of the bay, the sailboats and the bridge. Sculptures and grand old trees setting the scene as a place to enjoy the mild temperatures and bright sunlight of their short spring.


DSC_2071  DSC_2085  DSC_2031DSC_2042

Yachts large and small coming and going, being bought, being sold, covered and cold, bright and shiny, all I am sure, with stories to tell.

DSC_2047  DSC_2072

Sarasota, wintering spot of snow birds, spring break play ground, second homes for the rich and famous. Nice place to visit.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit. those sculptures are fantastic. I hope your stay with your family was as enjoyable as these images suggest.

  2. Sarasota looks like a great place to visit. Have a good vacation!

  3. Beatutiful!!! Hubby was just here this past week, and he said he thought about sticking his feet in the water on the beach, and here I am at home :(

    Look forward to catching up with you girlfriend!