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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Shoot out - Houses

My home ground of Rio and Nova Friburgo are different than the USA in so many ways, one obvious way is the Homes. There are more apartments here than individual homes; there are high rise apartments (rich and poor), sobre Lojas (above the shops), apartments line the main streets, and there are old houses that have been converted to small apartments.

DSC07635%255B1%255DDSC07640%255B1%255DIndividual homes, in smaller numbers, also come in many variety of sizes and values; Small, chronically incomplete (illegal) houses, moderate sized but expensive walled in homes on city dime sized lots, farm houses on hills or valleys with large pieces of land – horses and cows grazing. Most often the individual homes are behind high fences and you can only guess at what is there. You see a roof top, a chimney, a water tank.

This house sits just off our road to Lumiar, there is only a romantic glimpse through the trees – a veranda wraps the front with high arched windows – flowering trees add the only color other than green of the forest and white of the house. The house looks out over white fenced horse paddocks and cattle grazing land that runs at least 3 miles along the road. In contrast to this large richly designed home is this small pink house that sits on the edge of the forest on a dirt road I often walk below our house. This simple home was more than likely built by those that live in it. It is a typical style and size of homes for the local workers. Not fancy but paid for as it was built just for a bit of whimsy, I include the House of bird houses where you can find every size and color of hand painted bird houses and mail boxes.DSC01038%255B1%255DDSC07736%255B4%255D




and a play house we found at a Pousada (B&B) that was the house of Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs to delight all little girls. There was a table and chairs inside where the little visitors could have a tea party.




But my favorite house in the neighborhood is our house. It has all the components that make a house a Home; spaces inside and out that make room for family and friends, a feeling that the inside and the outdoors belong together, space that please the eye and welcome you in.

My favorite house


DSC012813 DSC016234
DSC04055%2520%25282%2529%255B4%255D DSC01634%255B1%255D
DSC07908%255B1%255D DSC01275ii3
DSC05312%255B1%255D myroom%2520%252814%2529%255B3%255D new%2520kitchen%25209%2520%25283%2529 DSC08238%255B3%255D


  1. Ginger, your place is so neat, clean and orderly. My God, our place is such a mess. Who's to blame, you or Camillo? Maybe the maid!

  2. Camillo is very neat - I like some confusion but try to please him with tidyness. The maid only comes once a week so yeh it is us....

  3. Good morning from Germany,

    - what a wonderful place to live in! I like it and I think, you must have a wonderful time there!

    I wish you a nice day,


  4. Glad you jumped in on the town shoot. I will add you to our virtual Friday get-out-and-see-what-is- happening-in-other towns shoot-out.

    Next week it is graveyards. Try to get in early!

    Nice houses. And I am so jealous because everything looks so warm. It is cold here. It is not supposed to be cold this time of year.

  5. I also love the bird houses and your nice narration.

  6. I was almost ready for posting Thursday - then spent 24 hrs hanging on the pot with a stomach virus - so ended up late. Am looking forward to graveyards. It is warm here - this year warmer than usual. By next month though you will hear complaints about how cold I feel - it will drop into the 60s with no heat in the house - AND IT IS COLD.

  7. What a lovely place ! Great pictures
    Hope you feel 100% again soon :)

  8. I came back to warm up.

    I guess we should be happy. It is not too cold , but this time I year, I am used to walking around in a t-shirt and shorts, and opening the doors so the cats can go out on the screen porch.

    Being from Georgia, if it drops below 70, I am cold!

    Also, living so near the bay, there is always wind, and it makes it feel colder than it really is.

  9. Hi there!

    What the?! Why is everything so green and beautiful? Hahaha! Those are cute birdhouses, I've never seen birdhouses with so many striking colors before! I always see brown, bland and boring ones in here lol!

    I like your crib too! It is mostly brown mixed with some modern touches here and there while maintaining the fine atmosphere! I love that window wherein you can see those.. pink flowers lol!

  10. Ahhh, what a lovely home! That's a beautiful chair by the desk (nice to imagine you writing in it!) Perhaps someday I will come visit and have a coffee with you on your veranda! My brother-in-law is a professor at the University in Friburgo, although he is teaching now in the US - at the University of Wyoming of all places - the state I was raised in! But when he and his family comes back, maybe we'll drive up to visit. It's such a beautiful area to live in!