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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Driving the Country Roads – Part 3

For now this will be my last little town in the Friburgo area to tell you about. I have been trying to organize my photos and have run across three other places I think interesting, but will hold back to keep you from being bored.
Our visit to the town of Santa Maria Madalena was an impromptu stop over (drive out of the way a bit) on our way back to Friburgo from Macaé on the coast (1 hour north of Buzios). At the time the road through Lumiar was not open so we would leave Macaé – taking BR101 to RJ182 then RJ174 back over to RJ116 and into Friburgo. This was a 3 1/2 hour drive but beautiful – farm land, high mountains, a decent road.
This time through though Camillo suggested that we go to this little town – he’d heard it was beautiful. The drive on a bright sunny day took us through small towns with churches maintained much better than the local homes, along roads bordered with fenced grazing land, and even higher - on the summit before starting back down was a geological point of interest. The sign explained that this was the highest point and from there you could see the sea….. the view was spectacular.
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DSC08572%255B3%255D DSC08582%255B3%255D
DSC08608%255B3%255DSanta Maria Madalena with its impressive cathedral, clean swept, flower lined streets, simple local church and surrounding hills was well worth our detour.
If I remember correctly we had some difficulty figuring our way out – many little highways intersecting without signposts to help us. I am sure we stopped for directions several times. When the highways go up, around, down and double back on themselves it is VERY easy to not know the direction you are driving – if in doubt ask for help  –  It was at least a 2 hour drive back into Friburgo.


  1. These are fantastic snaps again Ginger V.
    You are a wonderful photographer. Are you doing houses this Friday with Us?
    I do hope so. I can't wait to see your's.
    Thank you for always making such sweet kind comments on my blog. I appreciate you more than you know and am loving having a friend in Brasil :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Yes I plan on doing houses - you will be in for a shock... and next Friday graveyards. I look forward to that.

  3. Hellooooooo Ginger...

    Just great to be back visiting your blog. I just love the pics and the little snippets of you add of what's what and who's who...and lots of other things melted in.

    I have been working on my blog today, hoping to have things restored soon. Still can't quite figure out why you say you are blocked...so far all appears that you aren't...if you have another problem let me know. I did try to put my pic on your blog again as a follower but that doesn't seem to be happening...any ideas?

    Well lady, you just keep on clicking away as you make your way across the countryside. I'll have to show you our countryside...yeah right, I am a devout city gal...love the country and the ocean and love coming back to the crowded city.

    My daughter moved to Brooklyn (NY) and can you imagine the tolls to cross the 2 bridges are $19.00...for a 15 minute trip! Worse yet, they want to increase the tolls...Mmmm might become that country gal yet...

    Stay well...

  4. Claire, I missed hearing from you, glad you are feeling better. my problems may stem from whatever is happening with OWW and not be about OWW no rehearsing. Without looking at your Computer is hard to say what problems there are - can you reinstate OWW?
    anyway glad to hear from you and I will put you on my favorite blogs and can shortcut you from there - am a little upset with 'follower' anyway.