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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fog, Fog, and more Fog

Even though it is still summer in Rio, in the mountains it is starting to feel like winter. For two days now it has been foggy with rain. Yesterday in the evening we put a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the bright flames, Camillo with his pipe and me with my book and rocking chair.

Of course, because it is raining we were without Internet service this morning and with no cable TV this whole weekend. I can't say that it is harmful to us to sit in front a fire with a book instead of watching re-runs all evening on TV. I was also inspired to clean out my desk, cook fried chicken for lunch, load CDs onto the Ipod, and to make caqui (Kaki) jam. This is my first try at using the caqui from our yard. Usually I am so wrapped up in sitting in front of the computer I give them away as they ripen. While cleaning out my desk I found a journal I wrote in my first year in Brazil.

here is an entry made in June 2003

Winter Mornings Damp with dew - leftover night clouds, roosters crowing, saws buzzing - cleaning - preparing for spring. Sun's rays breaking through - valley's clouds rising, holding the morning sounds close to the ground. Sweet silence close to the house - sounds of others drift, coming on the breeze through my window.


  1. Very good photos.

    The Lost World! :-)


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