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Saturday, November 23, 2013

My car just seems to go there….

Over and over, as my posts from the past when I was visiting Houston show, my car loves to go out into the country. And if time allows I end up, over and over, at the same places.  (Drat - it is thundering, and lightening I may have to shut down AGAIN)DSC_6448

DSC_6452(next Day! no more thunder but is COLD)  Often my car drive to the Brazos Bend State Park, Oyster Creek Park, Kitty Hollow Park, the bird preserve out by Katy or just for fun takes a country road to nowhere. 

For a different type of day I can drive West on HWY 90 for about 25 minutes and there is what used to be the small town of Richmond.  Now we say Richmond – Rosenberg because these two small towns have grown so they meet making one big, no personality city.   But there is a small area of ‘old town Richmond’ right off 90 that the locals have tried to preserve and make into a small but pleasant place to walk, shop for antiques and local crafts, and have a good old fashioned drugstore hamburger for lunch. 

The hamburger is okay but the shops are a lot of fun, a stroll down memory lane for me.  Old glass and other collectables line the walls and windows.

DSC_6481  DSC_6501oil

DSC_6494oil   DSC_6495

DSC_6457    DSC_6489

Just one way that my car, camera and I spend a pleasant Sunday afternoon.





  1. When I arrive, I hope I can get a tour with you! Looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon and what a perfect spot for a break away from the boys. Beautiful photos as always -- I LOVE the current header photo, the B&W rose (rose?). Gorgeous!!

  2. I can't wait to meet you all in the 'real' world. Seems I've known you forever, watching the boys grow in photo. And yes I love antiquing and am searching for a partner in crime. Many of these small country towns west of Houston/ Sugarland and Katy. Even Galveston is a nice day trip.

  3. The flower is a rose, a bright orange rose that I converted last week for our B&W prompt.

  4. Love, love your new header, that is beautiful! I share your weakness for a country road to nowhere. I like the place you visited for this post, love old glass, the pure, bold colours.

  5. I like to have that hamburger with you, but I prefer to go to the parks like you always went.

  6. We will make a date of it, for sure! :)

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