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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Someday I will.

Someday I’ll vacation on an island and swim the reefs.  Someday I will write a book.  One day I will learn to play drums.  Someday I will have a show of my photos.  Someday I’ll learn the clarinet.  Someday I will climb a Volcano.  Someday I will learn another language – sometime, on another day, some day.  When using someday we think we mean, “at some future day or time”, but we really mean is  “... ones not specified or known, OR a certain indefinite or unspecified ..... Some Day I Will. 
DSC_7733Yesterday was my first time into the city of Nova Friburgo since the mudslides on January 12.  After lunch at our favorite by-the-kilo restaurant, I walked over to the Praça Suspiro intending to see for myself the Igreja de Santo Antônio shown in so many international newscasts last week.  Over the years I have taken only a few photos of the exterior of this graceful little church but never really getting a good photo because of the cars and horses, and carts, vendors selling everything from religious icons to potato chips, and the PEOPLE always in the area blocking the ‘perfect’ photo.  I promised myself the ‘someday’ I would go early in the morning or late in the day, I would take photos from all angles, I would explore, I would.... someday.... go inside. 
Two weeks ago this Praça was clogged with mud and debris – yesterday the air was thick with sinus clogging dust but workers had swept the stones nearly clean and were preparing to wash the remaining dust away.
If one photo is worth a thousand words – is 25 photos worth a whole book?  

The first 5 rows below are before and after – taken as close to the same angle as possible.....  then yesterday’s photos – don’t put off until yesterday what you wanted to do someday. 

from a distance the church appears unhurt.
this tells the story better than any words.  A thin layer of soil sets atop the granite basement.
where the soil and trees from above rushed through the middle of the church.
DSC_7737 DSC_7747
DSC_7750 DSC_7768
DSC_7773DSC_7772 DSC_7756
DSC_7770DSC_7771 DSC_7751
DSC_7767 DSC_7761 


  1. oh, my Ginger.....those really do tell the story better than any words could. my heart breaks for the people of friburgo and all areas devastated by these slides.

  2. Wow - folks have done a lot of clean up work!

    Great documentary.

  3. Even with the clean up work -- whew! The side shot of the church showing the height of the mud. Very moving shots!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I wish you would enlarge some of them to get a better look at some of the details.

  5. Kim, I tried to enlarge by clicking and got a somewhat bigger photo. email me at gingerv@gigalink.com.br and tell me which one you want I'll email it to you.