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Monday, August 09, 2010

Fusca Revival: part 2


The Fusca has been a part of the Friburgo landscape for as long as I can remember.   They seem to have been a favorite with the farmers and the forest people since they came onto the used car market. 

No matter how old, how rusted, how many parts seem to be missing, you could see them tooling along the roads, dependably getting their owners where they need to be.  Easy to park, manual transmissions all, inexpensive to operate, longevity way back in their ancestry.  Always and still are a car for the people.

Over the years I have seen them around in all sort of conditions.  They seem to have been mostly white or beige.  No frills, wearing their original faded paint, often missing back seats, floor boards, bumpers or fenders but doing their jobs with pride non-the-less.  

SAM_0092 SAM_0090 SAM_0089 SAM_1170 SAM_1174 

Maybe six months ago, although it might have stated much sooner than that, I began to notice snappy new paint jobs; flashy colors: bright red to bright pink, midnight blue to baby blue, forest green to olive drabs; bits of fresh chrome had been added, running boards, and custom covered seats.  There are two shops that I know of just in Mury that specialize in bringing life back to these little cars.  Taking parts from one to make up for the loss on another.

SAM_1168%255B3%255D  SAM_1163 

Until they can sell a new and shiny Fusca, in any color you might like.

SAM_1048  DSC_4534 SAM_0651   SAM_1078

SAM_1079 SAM_0605

The new models can’t come close to competing with these babies as far as I am concerned.  It is almost worth learning to drive stick just to be able to buy myself one – I think in Turquoise.  No burgundy….. No that orange one is really my favorite.  No maybe deep fire-engine RED!

 SAM_0997 DSC_4532


  1. Oh Ginger, I LOVE these posts! My second car was a red bug with a crank sunroof! How cool is this, and creative...

  2. Certainly a 'peoples' car Ginger.
    And even I love some of those paint jobs lol