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Monday, March 01, 2010

It doesn’t happen often …

In this life, out of a 52 week year I have maybe 6 weeks that are really busy. It happens the most often when I am traveling or getting ready to travel and this week was no exception. In the past – when I had a life – the spring was always this busy. When I worked I was always the company’s ‘mother’s march against birth defects’  instigator / coordinator – I was always taking a class at the university – I was in the accounting departments so we were closing the books which meant long hours – I was doing my own taxes (first husband owned a business in which I kept the books and did the taxes)  –  in a later time I also started playing soccer in the spring – I was an office manager so there were attorney retreats – and a completely separate list of extra to-dos.  So by the time mid-April came and went I was one tired and happy puppy …. you see I love being busy, the more I have to do the more I get done.

DSC_1534 DSC_1535 DSC_1537 When we moved here and my ‘retirement’ became official, my list of things to do shrank and shrank again as I put taking Portuguese classes, then the post-grad course was finished and behind me, and time - in the best of descriptions – DRAGS. This year I can’t believe it is already March. I have been unusually busy. In January the computer crashed then crashed again, throwing my life into chaos; new operating systems, finding and reloading programs, doing it all over again on the second crash and I then deciding to go to windows 7 and trying to make programs work that haven’t yet caught up to 7.  I am still not in full recovery but today I am caught up with two months of my little accounting job, I have sent emails to a few friends that haven’t heard from me in months (have to tell them I will be in Houston and available for laughing lunches). I have cleaned out my closets and drawers making ready for my new cloths (anticipated shopping).


We had 40 people for a cookout (churrasco) on Saturday (happy birthday to me) and 4 family members stayed over for breakfast on Sunday – I cooked for both occasions along with a churrasceiro who cooked the meat.  Last week was shopping for dishes – we threw out the plastic ones - 20 years old. I needed more table cloths for the outside tables – fabric. I needed to shop here for what I take there as presents – and there I will shop for what I bring back – just a fact of life for an expat. So along with the party on Saturday this week was wonderful.

Camillo left for Rio to get some rest – he worked like a dog putting up tents because it finally decided to rain this week and balloons and cleaning the wine cellar – I will join him on Wednesday, then travel on Sunday and will hit Houston running on Monday morning….. can’t wait.


  1. It is now Monday, and welcome back to the USA. Your churrasco sounded like a huge amount of work, but i bet it was deelish.

  2. I am so excited for you!!! You'll have a blast.
    Boredon and nothing to do is like a slow death. Have fun in Houston!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday greetings Ginger. Looks like you had a great time.

  4. I was wondering if I was going to be able to attend via blog post! I am drooling at all the wonderful food I am sure you had!

    Bon Voyage, and have fun!