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Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo Shoot-out - people

DSC07309Unknown - I have not by habit taken pictures of people in my communities (Rio and Friburgo) but do from time to time like to take impromptu photos of people that show me self-confidence and strength of character – this lady was out for her evening walk, or leaving the beach for the day but I thought ‘to be able to walk with assurance’ when I saw her on the seawall in front of me. (I did not point her out to Camillo…..)











Laise - is the receptionist at the gym in Friburgo. She is open and friendly and gives me advise about my Portuguese.   She allowed me to follow her around a park and take photos one afternoon to practice taking portraits. She is only 21 – young and fresh and her whole future is in front of her. I love this little girl.

DSC_1489%255B15%255DBrazilians have the ability to have a great time in the simplest of situations. After work on Saturday morning the trainers from the gym (invited Camillo and I) had a ‘churrasco’ or barbeque on the veranda of the gym…. was a great time, a great way to end the work week. And SO Brazilian – there was only meat – no potatoes, no fruit, no veggies – just ‘Carne’ and beer.


Unknown girl, about 2, waiting with her father for a city bus in Friburgo – she already knows she is worthy of my attention. If you follow ‘flowers’ you know she has been in several photo line-ups – I love her expression. I was sitting at the curb in our car – picked up the camera and snapped her photo – very open, and interested in what I was doing, no coy shyness.  She has been the center of attention often. She is her future femininity





DSC04613 This is my favorite photo – I have it framed at the apartment in Rio.

Unknown man, a street vendor in Rio. His humor is evident - ‘silly gringa taking my photo’.  He didn’t pose, he just stopped moving to let me have my photo without fuss.

Dignity of the Brazilian poor.

He look to be a man that works hard – no gym time put those long lean muscles on his arms only hard work in the heat. This was during Carnaval in Santa Teresa, above central Rio.

Sorry, I don’t remember what he was selling.


DSC_0050 (2)

Lucia, our maid (emprigada) for for upward of 25 years. She is the best. Another woman in the Condominium who also has Lucia one day a week complains that she is ‘forward’. She says the kitchen is ‘our kitchen’ and gives us instruction in all type of issues. (she is our source of local gossip)

Not only the house but we are her responsibility (and now Spritzer) She is not forward in the least – she loves the house and has cared for it even when we have not lived here and I would not have her any other way.


  1. Yikes! I wish I could get into that bathing suit.

    I like the old man. Very nice portrait.

    Also like the composition of the girl in the grass.

    You did a great job with the people under the tent. Sometimes the light can be tricky.

    Barry is in charge of next week's assignment. We are going by the alphabet.

    I so enjoy seeing everyone's photos.

  2. wow that was fast. Are you sure you saw the final version cause I fussed and fussed with the ^&^%$* layout. That old man was probably in his late forties and burned to a crisp with the Brazilian sun. Don't worry about the bikini - no one over the age of 18 should be seen in one.

  3. GingerV.......these are awesome girl!!! I love that you joined in on the fun.
    Actually, Patty and I had already agreed to do houses next week so that's what I'm doing because I've already started....I wasn't aware that the project had changed....
    Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. thank you - I will do houses also but will be Brasilian and not the wonderful old ones that you can find. Patty said 'Barry' will decide the assignment - if you hear differently email me.

    this is fun!

  5. What wonderful pictures!

    It's great too that Lucia takes "ownership" of the work she does for you. It's rare to have that kind of relationship. She sounds feisty and great!

    Love the street vendor. What a Brazilian moment...

  6. Hi GingerV,

    I'm really glad Reggie Girl mentioned you were contributing to the "shoot out", if only for the chance to see that lady in...in..what exactly is that anyway?

    We are doing the "old house" plan next week and "graveyards" the week after. I'm adding you to the list of people contributing to this project on my blog.

  7. thank you all for checking out my photos. Old Houses is a little bit of a problem for me... will not be anything like you'all will be doing, graveyards will be fun and very different.

  8. I always love faces like the one of the street vendor ---you know he has really lived. I liked all of your portraits and your stories about them. And the bathing suit ---When I was 18, I couldn't have worn that ---nor would I have had the courage to.

  9. GingerV.....any houses that you think are interesting and strike your fancy will be wonderful.
    Hey..........stop posting picture's of me in my bikini on your blog. It could cause a little stalking issue or something, lol.....I WISH right??
    Take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. I love the pictures Ginger. It is nice to see how things are in your neck of the woods. We traveled to Buzios this weekend and I was so excited to get out of the city and see some country-side. It was such a nice drive and there was "Grass"! Lots of it!!

  11. Deborah - Hi, is the first time you have left comments, thank you. I had been to your blog this morning and saw about your trips to Buzios and the gardens, two of my favorite places. your photos of your family are very nice. good looking husband.