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Spring Flowers
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Guess

One guess why we have so much green surrounding us. Can you guess?

If you come often to this blog you are familiar with what this view usually is - this is the way it has looked all day today. Can't really complain because we have been so dry this rainy season but it has been building all week and now I bet it stays for a while.


  1. You can keep it. But if it comes with warm weather, we'll take it.

  2. Hey, you gotta have rain - to fill the apples ! PeterUK

  3. As you know... April showers bring May flowers -- er... March showers bring April...

    Thank goodness you have a clothes dryer! (On my third day here in Niteroí waiting for a load of laundry to dry - with rain outside.)


  4. Yep! It's starting again here too. And it's cooler. At first I always relish that cool earth rain smell. A few weeks and several musty smelling closets later, I"m about ready to tear my hair out.
    But it's cozy and applebuttery for a little while, right?

  5. @ Patty - well it brings cool while raining then is like a hot sauna when the sun does come out.... but makes you love the perfect days when they happen.

    @ Jim - you have to get at leas a big fan that you can hang the cloths then 'ventidor' them dry. It is so upside down here that this rain brings April Flowers alright but - that is FALL!

    @ Peter YES you have to have rain but here in this land of excess it is either raining for months or so dry for MONTHS - please a happy medium would be nice.

    @ LovelyDharma - yes for now the little bit of cool makes me put on socks, a long sleeve shirt and YES! eat apple butter on my bread.