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Monday, March 16, 2009

Driving the Country Roads – Part 2

DSC03321%255B3%255DDSC03319%255B3%255DBack tracking from Cantagalo, just outside of Bom Jardim there is a cutoff headed west to Duas Barras (RJ144). The drive on this road is very pleasant, gentle curves and grand vistas of coffee plantations and small farms.

There was not much in the way of traffic the day we drove that direction but we did pass a donkey cart or two and farm animals grazing along side of the road.



Duas Barras is a well preserved little town. It shows a lot of care by the town’s elected officials. From the small local bar to the city’s church on the central square, it was all beautifully painted. I guess that unless you are familiar with other cities, including Friburgo you can’t understand the impact of these buildings and the care they have been given.























                                  The church’s interior, as well as the rectory and gardens in the back, were one of the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere (that means even in Europe / Italy) this is a real compliment.

















The towns people truly care for their church. (I know I take too many photos) The rest of the side streets were just as neat, we walked up and down them for nearly an hour enjoying the different styles and individual efforts made to make their home unique. After exploring the town from one end to the other we had lunch in an outdoor bar/restaurant one block off the main square and drove home in time for our afternoon nap.DSC03277%255B1%255D











Duas Barras is about a 1 hour drive from the center of Friburgo. Add one day to your visit here in order to see this charming little place.


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  1. Nice photos. I like the little bar. Do they have Happy Hour?