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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Semiannual walk to the Botanical Gardens

The past few days have been really beautiful in Rio and I woke this morning thinking it was too nice to go to the gym so I walked to the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens). I make it over to the gardens at least two times a year and even though I always say I will go right at the main gate I always go left to my two favorite places inside the gardens, the orchid and the Bromeliad houses.
Today I left the apartment before 10am and by walking along the lagoa then cutting over to the gardens at the canal, I made it over there in 35 minutes. I arrived back at just short of 2 pm with sore feet and a full memory stick.

I am not sure how I ended up walking a different path this time within the gardens. I have been to the gardens at least 10 times and have never run across cactus and I don't know how I found the cactus gardens this visit. They are either new or tucked away with the intention of surprising the visitors and I have just missed them before. They were beautiful. Surrounded by forest and waterfalls it is completely unexpected to run into a piece of desert landscape.

Today the orchids where not at their best they were only a few and those had some mildew on their blossoms. The Bromeliad brought me their usual pleasure with some unusual blossoms and new colors.
Put Rio's Jardim Botanico on your list of must see list.

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  1. The Bogotá Botanical Garden is a small sample of the nature that God gave to our country and we must take care of it, there teach us how to care for and preserve it so preserve the lives of our future children... Also we can find a great knowledge and you can find very old plants, ferns, roses, there are patriotic emblems of our country as the orchid and palm wax. It`s a spectacular place to interact with the nature!

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