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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout / 10 minutes from Home.

Several points before getting down to this week’s shootout. 

Today is my last day in Houston.  I have been here two months and I doubt that I have taken 25 photos.  (Not including my photos in Adrian, Mi. while visiting my mother)   I haven’t even had my Nikon out of its bag.  So bad.  Several walks in the park, several times to the gym and a resulting ‘several’ pounds of weight gain, and no new Houston photos for my archives.  This trip has been different for me.  It is usual for me to have projects, remodels and such on our rental homes while here, but this trip I bought a new unit, started on a simple touch-up and have ended up with a total redo.  Lots of time and even more money than budgeted spent.  Also on this trip I have been more active in my granddaughter’s daily life;  taking and delivery from school, volleyball practice and games and a couple Christmas shopping expeditions.  And the real time burner, trips several times a week into the READ office to cover the front desk while meetings were going on. 

It would have been better for me if this week’s topic had happened in Rio.  With in ten minutes of the apartment are hundreds of interesting things, that is if I haven’t already shown them to you.  But from my daughter’s home driving ten minute to the west takes me to the intersection of Murphy road and Cartwright; a gas station, a tip of a golf course, an empty lot, some new and fancy stop SAM_3127lights – not any really revved my photo juices. 

To the south, an eleven minute drive took me almost to Marissa’s high school.  Actually to a road that runs through an empty field on one side and a high blank wall on the other – boring!

Northeast along Texas Parkway …. a couple bars, a lot of strip malls, a new subdivision of cheap homes……

This part of town, of Houston, of the state of Texas is so automobile driven.  A lot of  4, 5, & six lane roads, moving fast, huge parking lots, long distances to shop, to see the movies, to go to work.  For me nothing that makes me want to stop – pulling out of traffic and back in again – and take a photo.  So my first thought was 10 minutes driving from home, and after much driving around looking for a nice photo,  I thought the shoot out is about ten minutes from home  NOT necessarily driving, why not a ten minute walk.

A ten minute walk to the east took me to a local neighborhood park.  A walk around the running track, a view of the soccer fields, the fishing pier, the duck pond…… here you go a walk in the park.


SAM_3128 DSC_2570 DSC_2582

DSC_2575 DSC_2566 DSC_2550

see you next week from Rio!


  1. GingerV that ended up being a great post. I enjoyed hearing about your time with you daughter and gd. I am so encouraged by family stories. True walking is the better of the two activities and it depends on why you are doing which. Great tour of the walk and kudos to you for taking part even when away from home. Great post. Blessings to you and all your family.

  2. You have a very beautiful park there, I love especially the duck shots! Our parks are mostly man-made , and there's one very near me but it's more than 10minutes walk away.

  3. how nice to be spending time with your Grand daughter. I like the way you always post your photos. great shots also!!

  4. I enjoyed the walk in the park.
    Everything is new to me, so everything was enjoyable.
    Love the slide shot.

  5. Sounds like you've been busy "living" life. That's awesome and I think spending more time with the day-to-day of your granddaughter's life is such a wonderful thing. I don't think I know what READ stands for.